ému, Aulas fait une énorme annonce sur son avenir !

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Jean-Michel Aulas is celebrating his 35th birthday at the head of Olympique Lyonnais this year. Arrived in 1987, “JMA” made a club which had never won the title a seven-time champion of France. Very moved, the Lyon boss returned to his career in Téléfoot and made a big announcement about his future.

On his future

What I just saw is magnificent (the rain of tributes, editor’s note). It’s real life, the one that animated me during these 35 years. I wasn’t prepared to see this, so I’m sorry to be moved. But it’s true that it gives incredible strength to continue the adventure

On the first title in 2002

“It’s true that the title was not only an incredible emotion, but also a strength to continue and go and get the next one. Saying to the players the same evening: ‘This is just the start, it’ is the first stone.”

On his personality

“I have been described for years as someone who did not attach much importance to affection, to human relations, when it is quite the opposite. Of course, sometimes I forced the trait to be listened to and heard. It’s true that I don’t calculate. When I have the intimate conviction that something has to be done, I am able to defend my players, my players.”

On his journey

“Yes, it’s a beautiful course which has brought me a lot of joy, a lot of pain too, because the evenings of distress are difficult to assume. But it’s a course that I wish for everyone. “

On the post-OL

“Of course, it would be absolutely not rational, at 73, not to imagine it. Then, I say to myself, there is a family behind, there are people I love to whom I also owe make sure to be closer to them, so in the future you have to be ready to hand over the day when things are going to be done.”

to summarize

Jean-Michel Aulas, very moved, made a big revelation about his future as president of Olympique Lyonnais. Indeed, the boss of Les Gones has indicated that he wants to continue the adventure even if he is already thinking about the future.

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