Dadju dad of three children: what we know about his very mysterious wife

At only 31 years old, Dadju is already father of three children including a daughter Maamou born in October 2017 and two sons born in April 2020 and February 2022. If we know a little about the wife of Gims, DemDem also mother of her children including Yahya Alou, Aisha and Haby, her brother Dadju, he is quite discreet about his sentimental and family life. However, we see his children from time to time on social networks, showing only part of their beautiful face.

“She made me run for a long time”

On the other hand, Dadju appears very little alongside his wife (whose first name remains unknown). Guest of the show 8:30 p.m. on Sunday on France 2 last May for the promotion of the film Ima directed by Nils Tavernier, Prince Dadj delivered a beautiful anecdote about his love at first sight for the one who has since become the mother of his three children. A memory that even goes back to a period when the interpreter of Go tell your ex was still unknown to the general public: “I was on the train. I was going to Marseille to shoot a clip. It was years ago, maybe in 2014. A friend of mine gets up to go to the bathroom. There he sees a woman and he sends me a message: “I think I just saw the woman of your life. He told me that straight away!” We sat down and I made my speech with two balls because frankly, my speech was really bad. I tried to make her laugh but she saw that I was quite embarrassed, that I was a little lame and that made her laugh.” While she initially refused to give him her number, Dadju’s future wife – then determined to keep track of the young woman – finally kept in touch with the future father of her three children: “On the platform, in the end, she gave me her number. She made me run for a long time. Finally, we ended up getting married and having three children”.

In any case, Dadju will be able to count this evening on the support of his wife and his three children for his big show at the Parc des Princes which will be broadcast live on C8! A concert not to be missed whether you are there or in front of the TV!



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