Cyndie (Married at first sight): She reveals why she was not tactile with Jauffrey

Indeed, the former swimmer and the beautician would have lived a honeymoon more complicated than it seems, enamelled with doubts. “I needed to know his sincerity and whether he was really ready. So, I preferred to dig, to find out if he was ready, I wanted to know what he expected from this experience, if he really wanted to have a woman in his life, especially if he was ready.she says to explain their lack of closeness.

Both therefore lived, off camera, long discussions about their couple and their vision of things. “By mutual agreement, at the honeymoon we still discussed. It gives the impression that we didn’t talk about it but we discussed it anyway. On the honeymoon, I didn’t want to give myself“, she continues. Discussions that have indeed convinced the young woman to pay attention to her before embarking on such a serious relationship.

That’s why I preferred to put the holas on our relations during the honeymoon“, she finally concludes. “I protected myself because I had very painful relationships, I came across boys who sold dreams and who were not sincere with me. I wanted to do things differently“.

For the moment, the couple has still not shared intimate relationships: last week, the young woman complained that the friend of Florent Manaudou and Frederick Bousquet went to bed without even waiting for her. But who knows, maybe they will have good news to announce soon!

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