Claude Brasseur: His first wife Peggy has rebuilt her life with another woman… very famous

Claude Brasseur left us on December 22, 2020 at the age of 84. During his life, the comedian (which we find this Sunday evening in Campsite 2 on TF1) married two wives : Michèle Cambon in 1970, also mother of her son Alexandre Brasseur and a model, Peggy Roche, with whom he married in 1961. In 1984, the ex-model, stylist and editor (who died of cancer in 1991), returned to her relationship with Claude Brasseur: “We went out a lot, we went everywhere, perhaps with a preference for Castel and the New Jimmy’s. It was a pleasure to change the world with a little alcohol. Of course, the following days at the newspaper were a little difficult. .. We were very optimistic and going out at night was certainly more cheerful than today.

A very secret idyll between Peggy Roche and Françoise Sagan

However, even before Claude Brasseur remarried Michèle Cambon-Brasseur, who accompanied him until his death, his ex-wife Peggy Roche was already living an idyll with a certain Françoise Sagan. According to our colleagues from Madame Figaro, the ex-model and the writer (who died in 2004) would have met at the Prélude, a former Parisian nightclub during the 1960s. They became a couple and their relationship would last twenty years. At the time, homosexuality, especially among women, was still considered a taboo.

The son of Françoise Sagan, the writer Denis Westhoff (from his relationship with the model Robert Westhoff) had published a book entitled Sagan and son in 2012, in which he returned to the affair between his mother and the ex-wife of Chaude Brasseur: “Between these two women, there was a mixture of passion, tenderness, reciprocal admiration, mutual recognition, friendship and complicity such as my mother never knew, in my memory, neither before nor after her. “With Peggy gone, it was as if my mother had been torn to shreds, pieces torn from her alive.” wrote the son of Françoise Sagan who was also raised by Peggy Roche.

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