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While he is currently in theaters in “Top Gun: Maverick”, Tom Cruise is at the heart of an exciting documentary broadcast this Sunday evening on Arte. A portrait that examines the dark side of the Hollywood star.

But who really is Tom Cruise, this planetary star, this giant of the seventh art who has fascinated spectators around the world for more than four decades? To this question, the French director Régis Brochier tries to provide an answer with the documentary Tom Cruise: body and soul, broadcast this Sunday evening on Arte. By painting a portrait that in no way hides the most tortured sides of the hero of Top Gun: Maverick.

Tom Cruise: body and soul questions a true myth of today’s cinema. Dense, rich in archive images, the Arte documentary obviously looks back on the incredible career of the American actor, from the beginnings of Risky Business to the cult Top Gun, through his collaborations with Brian De Palma, Stanley Kubrick or even Martin Scorsese. .

But this documentary, which therefore looks back chronologically on the astonishing career of Tom Cruise, an actor revered by the general public, who shot for the greatest but was never really dubbed by the profession, also offers a rather daring bias . That of trying to go beyond, to decipher a star whose mystery is quite unfathomable.

Tom Cruise: Body and Soul thus evokes the darkest facets of this solitary and never really deciphered actor, his tormented life, his Scientology faith, his taste for secrecy and control, and his desire to never grow old. There is therefore here a very classic documentary but also a part during which psychology is in the spotlight and allows us to discover another Tom Cruise. A total star, one of a kind, probably the last representative of pure Hollywood “entertainment”. A captivating and impossible to hate artist. Exciting.

Top Gun Maverick: looking for Tom Cruise on the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle

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