“Absent, mean, distant, violent, toxic dad”, for Father’s Day, Karine le Marchand settles her accounts!

This Thursday, June 16, Karine Le Marchand was elected favorite host of the French. Emblematic presenter of the M6 ​​channel, Stéphane Plaza’s sidekick has been delighting fans of “Love is in the meadow” for 16 seasons now. Apart from her career on television, the star of the small screen is also a fulfilled mother. Today, her daughter Alya is 20 years old and looks like two drops of water to her mother. A mother who raised her alone. In an interview with Gala magazine in November 2021, Karine Le Marchand confided in the absence of her daughter’s father. She stated in particular: I am my own father. I only have me. I grew up without a pillar, and I am my daughter’s”.

Indeed, the host also grew up without her father who left the family home when she was only a year and a half old. For his part, the father of young Alya ” lives abroad “. But far from blaming her ex-spouse for her absence, Karine Le Marchand is grateful to have been able to create such a strong bond with her child. ” What is certain is that I was extremely happy to raise my daughter alone. This fusion, even if I didn’t want it, I loved it “, she assured in the columns of our colleagues.

“Big up to all single moms”

However, this does not prevent him from disapproving of certain behaviors of the male sex. This Sunday, June 19, she shared a very personal message on the occasion of Father’s Day. ” Father’s Day… Strange day for children of absent, mean, distant, violent, toxic fathers… “wrote the mother of Alya under a photo of her in the company of her daughter and her mother. And to add: Big up to all the single moms who raise their little ones between love and authority, those who doubt they can give balance to their little one without a father figure. It’s also your day ladies. You are amazing. Thanks my mom. »

However, Karine Le Marchand does not forget the exemplary dads and step-dads. ” To all the dads (and handsome dads, let’s not forget them) magnificent, present, loving, accompanying, encouraging, I wish you a beautiful day surrounded by love. “A post that says a lot…


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