the balance sheet between Cyndie and Jauffrey of Married at first sight turns to the settling of accounts!

It’s time to take stock for Cyndie and Jauffrey in Married at first sight this Monday, June 20. And you will see, their reunion will be tense…

Season 6 of Married at first sight will soon come to an end. This Monday, June 20, viewers will discover the penultimate episode before the “What became of them?”. For now, two couples have left hand in hand: Alicia and Bruno as well as Pauline and Damien. And two divorces were pronounced, namely Caroline and Axel and Emilie and Frédérick. It remains to discover the outcome of the last three couples: Eddie and Jennifer, Cyndie and Jauffrey, Alex and Sandy. In the next episode, viewers will witness the balance sheet of Eddy and Jennifer as well as Cyndie and Jauffrey. An issue already available on the Salto platform. Warning, the rest of this article contains spoilers…

He had to send me a spade

The previous week, we left Cyndie and Jauffrey in a very bad position… After their honeymoon, the couple exchanged little. The young woman regretted that her husband did not give her any news. She invited her to spend a few days at her home in Grasse. Then she went to Jauffrey in Marseille. By discovering the apartment of her companion, Cyndie was somewhat disillusioned.

The balance sheet turned to the settlement of accounts between Cyndie and Jauffrey. Facing the experts, they returned to the beginning of their story. Quickly, the tone rose. At first, Cyndie expressed her doubts during the honeymoon. “I wondered if I was going to have a place in his life“. Jauffrey seems to discover everything: “I take a hit behind the head“, he admits a few minutes later facing the camera. She first reproached Jauffrey for not having given him much news. “I absolutely do not agree. I work 8 hours a day and I’m not allowed to use my phone. Behind we called each other in the evening for half an hour, an hour“, defended the young man, visibly upset. Disillusioned, he said the word too much: “I can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be“. Stung to the quick, Cyndie is offended: “I took it very badly“.”With all that I said, he had to send me a spade, to try to upgrade himself a little“, she analyzes in an interview. What will be the outcome for them? Will they choose to stay married?



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