“She is radiant”, “a wonderful woman”, “we love her”: viewers in love with Michèle Laroque

The actress’s interview particularly touched internet users

This Saturday, June 18 in 50’Inside, Nikos Aliagas receives Michèle Laroque for a sweet return on his personal and professional history. A happiness for the fans of the actress who were very touched by this interview.

It’s her birthday and Michèle Laroque is giving us the gift of her presence on 50’Inside on TF1, this Saturday, June 18. The opportunity for Nikos Aliagas to look back on his fine career which took off in 1996 with his duet with Pierre Palmade at the theater, then which then developed on the big screen the same year with “Pédale Douce”. At the time, homosexuality could still be considered a taboo subject and yet the film was an incredible success with 4 million admissions.

Video. The portrait of Nikos Aliagas

But the beginning of his career has an unusual origin. At 19, Michèle Laroque was the victim of a serious road accident following which she found herself in a coma for several hours. When she woke up, she said to her mother: “Do you realize, I almost died without knowing if I was a good or a bad actress.” At this moment, her mother, to whom she was very close, has a revelation. Some time later, she enrolled her daughter in the conservatory of Antibes.

42 years and 50 roles later, Michèle Laroque finds herself back in the cinema alongside Thierry Lhermitte in “Happy Retirement 2”. On Twitter, Internet users did not hesitate to show their love for the 62-year-old actress.

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