Married at First Sight 6: A Violent Argument Leads Sandy and Alexander to Divorce?  (Spoiler)

Married at First Sight 6: A Violent Argument Leads Sandy and Alexander to Divorce? (Spoiler)

The previous episodes of Married at first sight had allowed us to understand that nothing is ever won in a couple. United by science in the show, Sandy and Alexandre will face a violent argument in the next episode. The two lovebirds had however lived in a perfect alchemy. This until the clouds finally come to darken their future. Recently interviewed on this subject, Alexandre like Sandy both had their own versions of the facts. Will they be able to overcome these difficulties they face? The answer in a few days.

An unexpected argument comes to spoil the party

In the meantime, know that the future looks bleak between Sandy and Alexandre. The latter intends to wait to feel a certain spark between them before embarking fully on this relationship. Suffice to say that for the moment, he therefore remained on his guard. The attitude of the young man towards his wife is affected. This is precisely what will be at the origin of this violent altercation. The two candidates of Married at first sight were both present during a dinner at the candidate’s house when a simple sentence had set fire to the powder. The situation having been so tense that Sandy had preferred to get up and leave abruptly.

Viewers are therefore today in the most total ignorance of what awaits them in the next episode of Married at first sight. Everything suggests that the relationship between Sandy and Alexandre ends like that of Emilie and Frédérick. The latter had not managed to get along to such an extent that they came to divorce. Things did not stop there between them, however, since the pretty brunette had decided to file a complaint against her ex for defamation. This, after the far from flattering remarks she received from Internet users following the allegations of the one with whom she was 84% ​​compatible.

A strange feeling of deja vu

Recall that Emilie and Frédérick had accumulated the highest compatibility rate of Married at first sight and this, all seasons combined. We must believe that they were so similar in many ways that it had caused a short circuit in their relationship. Hopefully, Sandy and Alexander will manage to escape this fate by overcoming the problems they face. For the moment, the two seem to camp on their respective positions. For her part, Sandy expects a lot more investment from her husband. The latter, on the other hand, wants the beautiful brunette to show a little patience with him.

Two candidates who camp on their positions

Alexander’s point of view is quite simple. He wants Sandy to stop taking everything that comes out of her mouth for herself because that’s not her goal at all. He does not want a complicated relationship that ends up altering his desire to be in a relationship with the loved one. However, it is clear that for the moment, the trend is leaning towards this possibility. This dispute therefore explains the fact that the balance sheet of the relationship between Sandy and Alexandre is also expected by viewers. This is the only way for them to find out if these two Married at First Sight candidates are still married or not.



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