Kate Bush continues to chain records thanks to “Stranger Things”

MUSIC – The Tube Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush reached number one on the British charts on Friday June 17, 37 years after its release, thanks to the success of the series Stranger Things on Netflix whose English singer dresses the new season.

Kate Bush thus broke several records, in particular that of the longest period between the release of a single and its accession to the top of the charts. She also becomes, at 63, the oldest female artist to top the charts.

“Running Up That Hill” is also ranked number one in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Switzerland and is enjoying a meteoric rise in the United States.

A song with an important role in this season 4

The title had risen to third place when it was released in 1985 but experienced a huge resurgence in popularity thanks to the success of Stranger Thingsthe song playing an important role in the plot of the fantasy series returned to Netflix at the end of May for an explosive fourth and penultimate season.

It features the gang of friends from the fictional town of Hawkins in 1986, six months after the Battle of Starcourt Mall, facing a new supernatural threat.

“I am overwhelmed with the extent of love and support the song is receiving,” the artist responded. “I must admit that I am really moved by all this. Thank you so much for making the song number one so unexpectedly.”

Running Up That Hill dethrones the single of Wham!, Last Christmaswhich topped the UK charts last year 36 years after its release.

Kate Bush had already been number one in 1978 with her title Wuthering Heights.

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