Ingrid Alexandra of Norway celebrates her 18th birthday: chic reception in front of the gratin of crowned heads!

Märtha Louise, the sister of her father Haakon and her godmother, was of course present, on the arm of her fiancé, the eccentric Shaman Durek, who makes a perfect entry into the royal family. The daughters of the latter, Maud Angelica, Leah Isadora and Emma Tallulah, discreet since the death of their father, the writer Ari Behn, have meanwhile, made a surprise appearance.

But everyone was especially waiting for the meeting of the young heiresses: Ingrid Alexandra, who will become the first queen of Norway, joined Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands, also 18, who had accompanied her parents, King Willem and Queen Maxima . The young girl appeared splendid, on the arm of the King of Spain, Felipe VI, who had made the solo trip, without his wife Letizia and his heiress Leonor, surely still in Wales.

Another heiress of the same generation, Elisabeth of Belgium, 21, was magnificent in a Parma Giorgio Armani dress, wearing a tiara and a bun. She was accompanied by her mother, Queen Mathilde, and preceded another future queen, Princess Victoria of Sweden, statuesque in her white dress on the arm of her husband, Prince Daniel.

Godmother of the young girl at the heart of the party, Victoria had taken with her her daughter Estelle, who will also become queen following her mother. At 10, the little girl was sublime in her long blue dress and perfectly escorted by her little brother Oscar, 6, in costume! The young heiresses took a photo together, accompanied by Charles, 2, the son of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg and his wife, Princess Stéphanie, who had made the trip.

Finally, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and his wife Mary enjoyed the evening without their children but with Prince Pavlos of Greece and his wife, Princess Marie-Chantal, who came with three of their five children (Olympia, 25 , Konstantinos, 23, and Aristidis, 13). Prince Kyril of Preslav, son of the ex-king of Bulgaria was also present, with his British partner Katharine Jibba Butler and his ex-wife Rosario Nadal (and their three children, Mafalda, 27, Olimpia, 26, and Tassilo, 20 years old).



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