perdre du poids

Here’s how to stop snacking permanently and lose weight! tips.

Lose weight, here is the miracle solution to make you stop snacking permanently. Here is the bonus opinion of several doctors.

The French gained weight during these two months spent locked up in their homes, where the fridge and cupboards were accessible all day. But in 2022, it’s high time to take charge of your life. To feel good in your body and in your head and lose weight. We take stock with you to help you finally say no to these snacks that prevent you from having the body of your dreams.

Eat on time and plan your meals

Some nibblers have a bad habit of skipping meals, thinking they can lose weight. This is not the case. Dr. Jean-Philippe Zermati is adamant: “If skipping meals is your way of dieting, it’s bound to fail. Starving yourself can only lead to disrupting your eating behavior.” It is therefore necessary to eat three meals a day, and the best way is to prepare your meals in advance. So you know what you’re going to eat the same day without having to think about it.

It is also very important to have a balanced diet to avoid cravings between meals. With the right amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, your body will be less demanding. Eating a balanced diet is not only advisable to keep your body functioning properly, it is also an effective way to limit the cravings you may have during the day.

Drink water !

Health: As you know, you should drink water every day. At least 1.5 liters. It may not seem like much, but many French people don’t drink enough.

So when, all of a sudden, you feel like opening your cupboards to gobble up that candy bar, go for a glass of water instead. This sudden urge may simply be due to thirst. Many nutritionists advise that if you feel suddenly hungry between meals, drink a large glass of water and wait fifteen minutes to see if the craving goes away or not. And if not?

Health: Prepare a healthy snack!

Health: It can happen. You ate less at noon, you exercised… There are many reasons why your stomach is crying out for food at odd times.

And if you’ve tried everything but can’t concentrate because you’re hungry, then you might crack.

But beware, we’re not talking about emptying your fridge. No, we’re talking about preparing a small balanced snack. For example, opt for fruits, such as apples (real appetite suppressants) or bananas. We recommend a bowl of cottage cheese with berries: guaranteed success.

Health: Exercise!

Health: Be careful, playing sports will not calm your cravings. But at least they will be more legitimate since it is your body that is asking to refuel. And we are obviously talking about balanced snacks as seen in the point above.

When you’re hungry, go for a run! Exercise! Clear your head. In 2022, it’s time to join a gym, get on a bike or do a weekly run. Every year when warm weather arrives, you regret not doing something sooner to get your body in shape.

Don’t be fooled this year! The time has come. Spring is coming, and summer will soon be here. So start sculpting your dream body now. In addition, with such a goal, your cravings for food between meals will quickly disappear. Because your ambition will take over.

Health: Finally, a little advice on the road, some appetite suppressant spices (such as cayenne pepper or ginger) limit your desire to eat between meals, and play a role in metabolism!



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