Christophe Urios après la défaite de l’UBB en demi-finale de Top 14 : « Il n’y a pas de débat »

Christophe Urios (UBB manager after the defeat in the semi-finals against Montpellier): “It’s a tough night. The course comes to an abrupt end. Today (Saturday), you could say it’s a logical evening. The best won. There is no debate, they were more aggressive than us, they played better rugby than us. I find it hard to understand why we have been so little sparkling. We have been in the game for a long time, but it makes sense.

Perhaps the dam weighed on the legs. We made two Top 14 semi-finals, we have to come back. But if we want to be champion, we can’t have air pockets in the season. There are going to be things to deal with. It’s not time to take stock, but there’s work to be done. We weren’t enough of an actor. We score three points and we take a try on the dismissal. This is a mistake that should not be made at this level. We do not score in the scoring areas. There is no coincidence, it must be understood. I am less nervous than after Perpignan because there is a logic. We were ready, but the best won. This season is long and difficult, but I learned a lot about my management and the state of mind of my team. »

Mahamadou Diaby (Bordeaux-Bègles captain) “We pushed but we didn’t have this continuity to allow us to cross the line and come back to score. We have already experienced it, when you have a six-point lead a few minutes from the end, ten minutes from a final, you close ranks in defense. That’s what Montpellier did, and it’s to their credit. Congratulations to Montpellier for the match, Montpellier watched the match we had against Racing, we know that when we manage to pick up speed, we can be very dangerous.

Hard to say if we lacked freshness. If Montpellier had been less well, it would have been said that it lacked rhythm, and that we were in continuity. The touch was not as good as we had expected, in the scrum, we did not manage to take the lead like last week. We knew that with Montpellier, there were a lot of scrums that were played on the ground, and it is at the discretion of the referee. The launch pads weren’t great. »




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