Anger: Ukraine, which won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, denounces the decision to withdraw the hosting of the next edition for security reasons – Video

Ukraine, which won the Eurovision Song Contest this year, has denounced the decision to withdraw its hosting of the next edition for security reasons after the Russian invasion of its territory. “Ukraine does not agree with the nature of the decision taken by the European Broadcasting Union,” Culture Minister Oleksandre Tkatchenko said in a statement.

“We are calling for additional negotiations on hosting Eurovision-2023 in Ukraine.” “We will demand that this decision be changed, because we believe that we can keep all the commitments we have made,” added the minister, assuring that his country had so far “fulfilled all the conditions” and “provided answers and guarantees on safety standards” with a view to organizing the next edition of the competition.

Security and operational guarantees “cannot be fulfilled”

Earlier today, the EBU said it was looking into the possibility of second-placed Britain replacing Ukraine to host the next Eurovision Song Contest. “Under the current circumstances, the security and operational guarantees necessary to host, organize and produce Eurovision (…) cannot be fulfilled” by Ukraine, the EBU said in a statement.



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