Rofrane Bambara (Large families), one of her quadruplets rejected from her school: exasperated, she reveals the reason

If viewers should no longer see the Bambara family on the air in Large families, life in XXLthey can always follow her daily life on the mother’s social networks Rofrane. Wednesday, May 25, 2022, its subscribers were able to be aware of a sacred story.

Indeed, Rofrane Bambara seized her story Instagram to recount his latest misadventure at the school of his quadruplets Hajar, Noor, Kheïry and Chemsy (4 years old). “I dropped off my four children at school and when I come out, we see that Kheïry waits alone in front of the gate, his ATSM (Specialized territorial agent for nursery schools, editor’s note) who wanders around, other people from the school who wander around, when he had been dropped off in his class, with his teacher and the other children. So already from there, it stuffed me a little bit“, she explained.

Rofrane therefore asked the ATSM for an explanation, which made him understand that she could not take care of it, being already occupied with other tasks. “So I understand that she is not at all with a view to taking care of my son and that’s how it will be. So it was me who went back and forth to the class to see if the teacher could accommodate my son. I realize that she doesn’t carer,” she continued. Things took a more nasty turn when Rofrane watched the ATSM walk away without saying a word to her. A heated argument between the candidate and the faculty member then escalated. “From that moment, I picked up everyone and we went to the rectorate. You have to know that teachers choose who is in their class and in this case, they refused two of our children because we are reality TV people“, revealed the mother.

I cried a lot

As she assured, steps are now underway to remedy the situation but that does not prevent Rofrane from denouncing “a lawless zone“.”We are in France, education is accessible to all. When you are a teacher, we do not choose a student for his head, for his beliefs or for anything and even less because these people have chosen to do TV. From the moment two teachers refuse children in their class, you are an outlaw!“, she recalled.

This misadventure was all the more difficult to live with for the pretty brunette as it was the day of the school carnival. The quadruplets were therefore unable to attend. “I find it inhuman when in addition my children are only taken for half a day, we accepted, that’s how it is. And there they didn’t even stay 30 minutes in class with their disguises. It really hurt my heart. Yesterday, I didn’t want to do stories because I was on edge, I cried a lot. Qif we deprive my children of a normal schooling, it does not pass“, she said sorry.



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