Nicolas Waldorf suspected of having AIDS: clarification and explanations (EXCLUDED)

In April 2022, a relative of Nicholas Waldorf received a terrible message on social networks. “I saw you were hanging out with Nicolas. Just protect yourself. He is famous in the gay community for having sex with everyone. It seems that he has AIDS, So here is. Take care of yourself“, could we read. A few painful words for the star hairdresser ofIncredible Transformations. Exclusively for Purepeople.comhe returns to this terrible rumor.

People are spreading false rumours. This person said I had AIDS and I was sleeping with all of Parisregrets the sidekick of Charla Carter and Léa Djadja. When you know me personally, you know that if i had time to sleep with a person it would be not bad (laughs)! I work a lot, when I have free time it’s for my friends and my family.“It must be said that between the filming of the M6 ​​makeover show, her hairdressing salon, her restaurant, her decoration shop and the very recent release of her book You have an appointment ?Nicolas Walford is very busy.

But what saddens him the most is that it is about his state of health. “And then talking about AIDS proves that he is ignorant. AIDS is the terminal phase of HIV infectionrecalls the successful hairdresser who has come a long way. That would mean I’m very sick, so that’s completely ridiculous. And if it were true, it’s not something to be thrown around. It’s not up to him to throw out the medical records. I found that very hurtful.

This is not the first time that Nicolas Waldorf has been confronted with such baseless swinging hallway noises. “There have been rumors about me many times, but they don’t want to tell me who it is for fear that I’ll make a mess of a monsterhe gets annoyed. This is one of the negative points of notoriety. It hurt me, especially in my environment, the gay community, where I’m supposed to be supported.“Fortunately, he knows his worth!

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