Fifth.  The Sirrah Prize in Vincennes this Friday, May 27, 2022. – Angers Info

Fifth. The Sirrah Prize in Vincennes this Friday, May 27, 2022. – Angers Info

Direction Vincennes this Friday, May 27, 2022, for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté most of the day. In this event, Le Prix Sirrah will have to compete against each other as starters. The race will be contested over 2700 meters, and endowed with 65,000€.

In this event, Eternal Delo (4) suffered a small setback in Caen. However, it benefited from a favorable course of the race. The opposition was a little stronger with the foreigners and the 6 year olds who will not be present this time. Previously in the provinces, she had done very well. It’s the big track this time where it has less reference. It must reassure a little. Our choice will once again be Diego du Canter in this race.

Geny’s secrets

Nicolas Jaulneau: Dolce d’Ebane (1) made a fairly satisfactory comeback. Several things have been changed in the hardware. She has gained in condition and in well-being. She should run better than last time. She can, perhaps, finish third, fourth or fifth with a good run, but not better.

Emmanuel Varin: Fée de Ranchval (2) benefited from a rest period after the winter. It was beneficial to him. She has clearly crossed a threshold. It remains on three victories and I do not really know its current limits. I was a little worried about being eliminated. She does the big track well. At this level, she has all my confidence. She can keep going.

Xavier Thielens: Fast Domino (3) is fine in the morning. I don’t really have an explanation for his last fault, where he may have tripped from a posterior. It’s a good commitment without the Europeans. I expect a redemption. If there is a bit of a train and if it is hidden not far from the head, it is surely what corresponds to it best.

Anthony Marion: Diego du Canter (5) again responded to Mauquenchy. Voluntarily, he has not been seen since this release. Evolving with freshness is perfect for him. He is really extra physically. He needs a clear course but if this is the case, he is one of the contenders for victory.

Adrian Pereira: Flower By Magalou (6) ran well last time, in Caen. During its previous outing, at Châteaubriant, it was perhaps too spicy. This time, it’s a slightly more closed race. However, as it does not have too much margin, it needs a good trip to pull out of the game.

Eric Prudhon: Dream Along (7) has held its game well lately, on a speed course which is not necessarily to its advantage. It has more staying power than pure speed. I take advantage of this commitment without the young people to return to the capital. It adapts well to the big track. He enjoys playing in the leading group. At this level, he can contest the finish.

Frank Leblanc: Flamme Vive (8) does all his shopping and is in good shape at the moment. It will still make its value. It needs a hidden course to give its full potential. If all goes as desired, she will be in the top five.

Jean-Marie Monclin: Fawley Buissonay (9) is currently showing a lot of regularity. As he is a wait-and-see, we see him taking places most often. With him, things have to go well. If everything goes as desired, it still has a say in defending a nice place.

Frank Nivard: Emeraude de Bais (10) was not reassuring on May 7 in Vincennes. Admittedly, it was on track and the pace was fast, but it was dominated early on. He will have to show another face this time. She is in her category, evolves barefoot and if her trainer presents her, it is undoubtedly with ambitions. She likes to come on other people.

Clement Thomas: Diablo d’Herfraie (11) will do his best. Its comeback race at Caen was correct even if it could not show itself to its advantage. Since then, he has worked well and should improve. That said, he has 9+ years of leeway. You have to aim straight and a little bluff. Here, he will aim for a small place.

Gregory Ledoux: Elvis d’Evron (12) has not been seen since April 6, because he had no good commitments and because we wanted to give him a little break. On the trot now, we know that it gets complicated with his gains. It’s a preparation race. That said, he is good and can be fifth. He likes to go in the volte on the 2,700 meters of the big track.

Ms Virginie Moquet: Donuts Deladou (13) has prepared well with his runs and is doing very well at work. That said, he doesn’t have easy commitments, as he has to face the youngsters. He can, perhaps, finish fifth with the help of a good running of the race.

Christopher Martens: Fifty Five Bond (14) acquitted himself perfectly on May 13 as he went the distance. He confirmed his good semi-return to Mauquenchy. Since then it has been just as good. He is very well placed on the earnings ceiling, without foreigners or young people. He is able to confirm his last victory. He has a first chance.

Mathieu Mottier: Esperanzo (15) ran for improvement in Caen. He is on an upward slope. However, he took gains and his margin is really reduced. He can’t dream of a better commitment, without the foreigners, or the 6-year-olds. However, he does not have the easy part. I unshod him four feet. It can complete the arrival.

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A summary: 8-15-14-2-10-5-9-4 The summary of the press: 14 – 8 – 2 – 10 – 5 – 9 – 3 – 15

Equidia: 14-2-10-9-5-15-8-3
Europe 1:8-14-2-5-15-10-9-1
The Parisian: 10-9-2-14-15-5-8-11
Paris Turf: 2-5-14-10-9-8-3-6




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