Alizé Cornet : « Un de mes plus beaux souvenirs à Roland-Garros »

“It’s a complicated match to analyze…
In the first set, she made a lot of mistakes, I was very solid and in the second she had the entry break and then she played much more liberated. When Jelena starts hitting, it’s really very hard even if physically I gave everything. I had no solutions in the second and then I pulled myself together well in the third set, I restored intensity and there it was a great show for the public. It’s one of my fondest memories at Roland-Garros. I played but I had never experienced such an atmosphere.

It was your first night session at Roland-Garros, how did you experience it?
I wasn’t expecting so many people when I got on the court so I was pleasantly surprised. And they were hot potato. They didn’t let go of me from the first to the last point, they carried me at arm’s length. On the third, it made a difference, she got a little annoyed and it gave me a lot of energy. A simply fabulous first night session. It’s noisy at this stage when people start getting into it.

“. But at my age, I still surprise myself”

The thigh pulled at one point, how are you physically?
My adductors are still a little on the go, I gave a lot in this match, I ran a lot, a lot. I made a lot of defenses to always bring him the blow more. I knew it was the only way to win this game. It squeaked to the right, to the left, I’m not 20 anymore. But at my age, I still surprise myself, I still have good athletic qualities and in this match it made the difference. »




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