Top Gun 2 Will Smash Tom Cruise's Box Office Records, Apparently

Top Gun 2 Will Smash Tom Cruise’s Box Office Records, Apparently

Top Gun 2: Maverick has just been released in French cinemas and arrives in the United States this Friday. For a record start for Tom Cruise at the box office?

After having patiently waited on the shelf of Tom Cruise’s frustrations, Top Gun: Maverick is finally hitting theaters around the world. Initially scheduled for July 2019, the release of the film has been postponed time and time again before finally pointing the tip of its nose in May 2022. Four years after his last big screen outing in Mission: Impossible – FalloutTom Cruise is therefore making a comeback in dark rooms, to impress.

And for good reason, between the impressive first trailer of Mission: Impossible 7the great success of this Top Gun 2or even his film project shot in space, the Hollywood demigod has nothing left to prove to anyone.

New proof: the start of the film directed by Joseph Kosinski looks good at the box office.

Indeed, according to some experts, the take-off of Top Gun: Maverick would rise to at least $92 million in just one weekend. An estimate among the most cautious, many specialists predicting more than 100 million dollars in revenue, and 125 for the most optimistic. An impressive score which takes into account the American national holiday, Memorial Day, a public holiday in the United States.

In any case, the success seems indeed remarkable. Top Gun 2 would become the best start to Tom Cruise’s career in the United Stateswell ahead War of the Worlds (64.9 million) and Mission: Impossible – Fallout (61.2 million), which previously held the record. It is far from the super-heroic boxes (187 million for Doctor Strange 2for example), but it is a certain victory for the actor and producer.

Spectacular takeoff for the Tom Cruise fighter jet

In the rest of the world, maverick should accumulate between 180 and 200 million dollars in the 62 territories where it will be operated. Here again, it would be the best start for the actor internationallydethroning The Mummy and its 172.3 million dollars collected in 2017. Note that the success of the feature film directed by Alex Kurtzman took into account its Chinese and Russian release, which is not the case for Top Gun: Maverick – which does not yet have a release date in China, and will not be exploited in Russia because of the boycott in connection with the invasion of Ukraine.

This palpable excitement will surprise anyone who thought the sequel to a movie released 36 years ago wasn’t going to be expected. Top Gun: Maverick is therefore well on its way to being the anti-Matrix Resurrectionsanother late sequel that toyed with its own mythology, but failed royally at the box office.

Top Gun: Maverick: PicturesWhen you break the global box office

Beyond Tom Cruise himself, this interest has been smartly nurtured by an important event for the release of the film. Its appearance at the Cannes Film Festival was celebrated by the passage of French fighter jets, in the same way that its preview in San Diego took place on an aircraft carrier USS Midway.

Furthermore, the American release of Top Gun: Maverick will benefit from a combination of 4,732 cinemas, more than the remake of the Lion King (4,725 screens) and even Spider-Man: No Way Home (4,336 screens). Paramount therefore pulls out the heavy artillery with this Top Gun 2.

To see now how far Tom Cruise will be able to fly in Top Gun 2. Until Edge of Tomorrow (370 million), The Mummy (409 million at the worldwide box office), War of the Worlds (603 million), Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (694 million), or Mission: Impossible – Fallout (791 million)?




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