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The Voice Kids: Louane collapsed, in tears, the first images of the show are shocking!

After Nour’s victory last Saturday in The Voice, TF1 is currently preparing for the show The Voice Kids. If you haven’t taken it yet, know that the program is dedicated to young children. The latter will be accompanied by their respective coach if they pass the blind auditions. Speaking of the jury, Louane was moved by some early performances. In this article, we will tell you what happened on the set of the show during the filming.

The return of The Voice Kids

Fans are aware that The Voice Kids didn’t happen last year. Indeed, the program has been replaced by the famous The Voice All Star. The winner at this meeting was Anne Sila. Many enjoyed this program since there was too many emotions during the course. On the other hand, there are some viewers who were disappointed with the outcome since their favorite contestant didn’t get the win.

However, all this is only a memory since it is time to set up the new season of The Voice Kids. The French television channel TF1 has announced that fans of the program will find the competition from the start of the 2022 school year. That said, young performers from 8 to 14 years old will oppose, will show their talent as well as their musical identity. So be ready for new adventures.

Program coaches

First of all, the juries of The Voice and The Voice Kids are not the same. You should know that competition with adults needs more techniques and strategies. While for young children, you need young French talents from the same generation as them so that they can have fun and improve at the same time. That’s why the production was very selective as to the choices of the juries on the chair.

For this next season of The Voice Kids, the coaches present on the show will be Patrick Fiori, Kendji Girac, Louane and Julien Doré. The filming of the blind auditions has already been filmed last sunday evening. Moreover, TF1 has already published some photos of this moment and we found that Julien Doré and Louane are very moved by certain performances of young talents.

The Voice Kids: one of the juries is very sensitive

During this filming of the blind auditions of The Voice Kids, certain photos taken showed that Louane has let out a few tears. We don’t yet know what talent it was or what song was performed. There was simply Louane who mentioned that this song changed her life. She added, “I wouldn’t be here today if she hadn’t existed…It was sublime what you did.”

After that, Louane has left his red chair to calm down. She confessed that it wasn’t the only performance that made her cry as there were times when she ended up in tears during filming. For her part, she totally accepts her sensitivity towards fans of The Voice Kids during a revelation on the antenna of Europe 1. Thus, according to her: “It is very possible that we see post- show, with the writing ‘Louane, la chialeuse’… “.



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