tearful sequences horrify internet users

tearful sequences horrify internet users

This Wednesday, May 25, tearful sequences in “Top Chef” annoyed Internet users. M6 screenshot

This Wednesday, May 25, a new episode of “Top Chef” was broadcast on M6. During these quarter-finals, the relatives of the candidates surprised them by landing on the set of the show … An emotional sequence which particularly annoyed Internet users.

It’s already time for the quarter-finals. After 15 weeks of intense competition, there are only four left to claim the title of “Top Chef” for season 13 of the cooking show: Sébastien, Pascal, Arnaud and Louise. Moreover, the qualification of the latter provoked strong reactions on Twitter. In the previous episode, Internet users were convinced that the candidate of the brigade of Hélène Darroze had been chosen only because she was a woman. Suffice to say that tensions were at the rendezvous on the social network at the blue bird, while some cried out at misogyny. But this Wednesday, May 25, the counters started again from zero in the episode of “Top Chef. The four contenders for the title redoubled their efforts to make the taste buds of the chef of the best restaurant in the world, the Mirazur in Menton, salivate, Mauro Colagreco.

Discover the portrait of Hélène Darroze:

“It’s always boring times”

However, it would seem that the kitchen has taken a back seat in the first part of this unreleased episode of “Top Chef”. Indeed, the candidates were somewhat disturbed by letters from their relatives, as well as by their surprise arrival on the show. If the emotion reached its climax on the side of these gastronomy enthusiasts, it was far from being the case on Twitter. This episode has been compared to that of “Koh-Lanta”, when the adventurers read their family’s mail. And like fans of the TF1 show, followers of M6’s culinary program also “hate” these “tearful” sequences. As they said, if they watch “Top Chef”, it’s for the cooking and not to know the private life of the quarter-finalists. Very quickly, a feeling of annoyance won the Twittosphere and Internet users expressed their “fed up” on Twitter.

Arnaud’s letter upset more than one

On the other hand, other Twittos were more receptive and also shed a few tears when they discovered all this emotionally charged atmosphere in this new episode of “Top Chef”. Arnaud’s letter upset more than one.

“Who does she think she is?”

Moreover, this first event on the theme of plant-based cuisine did not meet with unanimous approval on the Web. “Top Chef” fans weren’t thrilled with the flowers, or even the leaves. Nevertheless, Louise was over the moon. As she said so well, this ordeal is “her ordeal”. So when Arnaud won the first pass, awarded by chef Mauro Colagreco, the candidate was exasperated. For her, her rival’s victory was “unfair”. Suffice to say that his words once again scandalized internet users, who did not appreciate “his ego”.

The last woman of “Top Chef” was right. The second test was hers since she won the second pass. Next week the quarter-finals continue and the competition will be more intense than ever.

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