She notices a very “strange” line on her baby’s toe, alerting everyone!

Having a baby is the dream of every parent in this world. Sometimes, there are certain couples who have a lot of difficulty in having one. Moreover, to enjoy this parental right, they end up considering adoption. However, nothing is more fabulous than raising your own child in life! Only, this desire requires several very serious responsibilities. We explain to you!

Baby: Always be vigilant when raising a feeder!

The arrival of a baby is a source of immeasurable joy in a family. Everyone is delighted to receive this little angel because he is so cute. At birth, we even tend to quarrel to take him in our arms to pamper him. As the days go by, this great passion for taking care of the child begins to dissipate in our family. On the other hand, the parents but especially the mother have lifelong commitment to caring for the nourishing !

In order to fulfill their role as parents, they must take good care of their baby. In general, raising a child is far from being limited to clothing him, feeding him, comforting him when he cries or changing his diapers. In the case of a newborn, both the father and the mother must adopt vigilant behavior. He must be attentive to the cries of his child to understand his needs. Additionally, parents should make a habit of checking every surface of the body of her little one to determine if he is doing well!

Pay special attention to little boys!

A few days ago, a family called “Frick” shared a post on Facebook. In this message, Heather Frick gave a testimonial that her ten-month-old baby was the victim of a terrible illness. It’s about tourniquet syndrome, also known as hair tourniquet. The mother of little Jacob explained that she was in shock when she heard the doctor’s diagnosis. For the good reason that she has never heard of this anomaly!

To this end, she wanted to warn other parents about the existence of this unfortunate disease. According to the information it has obtained, this phenomenon is more likely to reach small boys than girls. This baby syndrome is caused by tangled hair on the toes. Therefore, it may be that the child’s blood circulation is disturbed thus making it blue in color. If it is not treated very quickly, the kid risks having his toe amputated at an early age!

The revelations of science in relation to this baby disease!

Upon becoming aware of this family’s history on social media, a professional pediatrician spoke up about the subject. According to this specialist, tourniquet syndrome is far from the only dangerous disease for a baby. He claimed that there are others. Hence the reason why every parent should be extra vigilant in the supervision of their child !

Doctor Fox remarked that Jacob’s mother suspected that it was her hair that was the source of her baby’s misfortune. However, the latter explained that it may also be threads of clothing and not hair. In addition, she wants to reassure Heather Frick of her innocence in the story. At the same time, she wishes all parents to avoid this problem !



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