she answers the wedding call

Lorie Pesterreally has everything to be fulfilled. Despite the difficulties of becoming a mother because of her Endometriosis, the former singer had the right to a beautiful miracle of life giving birth to her daughter Nina.

Regarding his relationship status, it’s still so crazy in love with Yann. During an interview with Parents, she returned to her childbirth and the anecdote related to her companion. “I look at Yann, I f*** but you have to be a Turkish delight to give birth quietly? She left with Yann, he did skin to skin with her and me while I sewed it up, and after that, half an hour afterwards, they both arrived, I had her on me and there it was the most beautiful moment of my life. What she wanted to do was to arrive on the same day as her dad, the day his dad’s birthday (…) After blowing out the candles on the morning buns, my shorts were soaked and there I look at my companion, I say to him: ‘I think my water has just broken’ told the one who still sports perfect abs even at 40 years old.

While many are wondering if the two lovebirds will take their relationship to the next level by getting married, the interpreter of Near me panicked her subscribers by posting a photo of her going to a ceremony. But beware, she quickly calmed the ardor of her audience as she captioned the Instagram photo saying: “Wedding day. (No panic, it’s not mine)”.

Thus, we could read very nice comments below this selfie such as:“My beauty but that I love you mash I’m a fan there”, “phew I would have been too jealous!!”, “The most beautiful of women and the most inspiring” or “You are beautiful my sublime idol“. You will have understood, this look was unanimous with her admirers. It remains to know the outfit she chose to complete her pretty makeup and her hairstyle.


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