Nikos Aliagas dad: his already coveted daughter Agathe, the son of a famous animator is in love with her!

Becoming parents is certainly a lot of advantages but a lot of disadvantages. In addition to the short nights and crying in the middle of the night, mom and dad also have to deal with the worry and anxiety that something will happen to their little ones. Nikos Aliagas has been there, it is still the case. In a relationship with Tina Grigoriou, a psychologist of Greek origin, for more than 10 years, the 53-year-old host became the father of two children: Agathe, 9 years old and Andréas, 5 years old. If the little boy is still young, the eldest of the siblings will quickly enter adolescence and therefore in his first love emotions. Something to bother Nikos Aliagas, especially since he already knows that a boy is interested…

Flagship host of TF1, Nikos Aliagas is also a photographer and journalist for the magazine Gala, for which he organizes interviews. In the issue of this Thursday, May 26, the Franco-Greek went to meet his great friend Thomas Sotto, presenter of Telematin for several months alongside Julia Vignali. The opportunity to know “The little world” of the journalist and to learn that he is not only the father of two boys but that one of them would try his luck with Agathe.

At the question “In your little world, there is…“, Thomas Sotto did not hesitate for a second when talking about his children and his potential future daughter-in-law: “Two little guys, one of whom (the little one) is very (very) in love with the daughter of a tele-photographer presenter who does interviews for Gala” he says, laughing. Did Nikos Aliagas take it well? He oddly did not share his answer in the interview.

If we can give advice to the son of Thomas Sotto to make Agathe his lover, it is to register on Tiktok. Last year, Nikos Aliagas spoke in TV 7 Days the occupations of her children and the social network is on the first step of the top 3 of the little girl: “My daughter when I tell her: ‘Hey look, there’s dad on TV’, she replies: ‘Dad, it’s boring’. She is eight years old and she is rather a follower of the stars of Tiktok!“Nikos and Thomas Sotto, future fathers-in-law? The future will tell!



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