Nicolas Waldorf transformed: he adopts a very eccentric new look, the result in pictures

Nicholas Waldorf wanted to change on Tuesday, May 24, 2022. And the popular hairdresser did not do half measures. Indeed, if he usually opts for wigs and disguises of all kinds, this time he has made a more permanent metamorphosis.

In story Instagram, the accomplice of Léa Djadja in Incredible Transformations (M6) got rid of her beautiful brown hair in favor of a very short cut, almost shaved, and platinum blonde. And the change was just beginning! Yes, the next day, Nicolas Waldorf returned to a hair salon to dye part of his hair purple and the other pink. Black hearts were also painted on either side of his head. (See our slideshow).

Nicolas Waldorf therefore proves that he will stop at nothing when it comes to standing out. His eccentricity and the fact that he assumes himself completely are also visible on television in Incredible Transformations. The one who releases his book entitled You have an appointment ? couldn’t get over having so much freedom in the program, as he told us during an interview for

A guy who wears heels, wigs, who can’t stop laughing and running around like crazy, there aren’t many of them!“, he analyzed. And to share a particularly striking memory of the shooting: “I tried on a wedding dress in one episode because I felt like it. I fell to my knees, I had tears in my eyes. The producer did not understand, I replied: ‘I’m in a wedding dress on M6. I am openly gay, I assume myself and for me it is something“. The show was certainly a turning point for Nicolas Waldorf who now hopes to raise awareness. “I tell myself that I am showing a success to some lost parents, perhaps. I know I brought something new. Bringing diversity without it being a slap was important to me“, he rejoices.



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