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Michel Drucker: it’s the end, the presenter makes a shock announcement!

Currently 79 years old, Michel Drucker is an essential face of the French audiovisual landscape. It’s no exaggeration to say that many viewers grew up with him. If the septuagenarian started television in the 60s, the public knows him mainly thanks to “Vivement Dimanche” which he has been hosting since 1998. Imagine the shock if this veteran of the small screen announces that he wants to stop everything. This is partly what was said on Monday May 23, 2022 in the columns of Le Parisien.

Michel Drucker, still standing

The husband of Dany Saval has experienced things, both in his personal life and his professional life. In this regard, the year 2021 has not been kind to him. One could even say that he did not give her a present. Throughout, Michel Drucker has experienced significant health concerns. With his courage, each time, he recovered.

Besides, it didn’t take him long to get back to work. Still, his heart operation at the end of 2020 weakened him. So much so that he had to slow down a bit since then. Small changes have even been made to his program “Vivement Dimanche”. And if he seems to be doing better than ever, he makes an announcement.

Michel Drucker announces his departure?

It is in the columns of the Parisian that the one who will celebrate his 80th birthday on September 12th spoke. The host has announced his intention to leave the Two. So it’s over for “Vivement Dimanche”? Not really…

The PAF star added that he was not going to leave public service. Indeed, the journalist will remain on France Télévisions. On the other hand, he changes channels: from France 2 to France 3. So let the fans be reassured, their favorite host is moving right next door and his show with him!

The least we can say is that this change of channel is extremely pleasing to Michel Drucker who sees in France 3 a part of his identity.

“When Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez (number 2 of France Télévisions, editor’s note) offered it to me, I thought it was great. I move. France 3 is part of my DNA. I will be the new incarnation with Cyril Féraud (…) For me, it’s going on a channel that looks like me. I am a child from Basse-Normandie, hosted in Provence. I have always felt more provincial than Parisian, ”he told the newspaper Le Parisien.

What will happen to “Vivement Dimanche”?

If we have to remember, the France 2 program is a weekly meeting that Michel Drucker and the French have been giving each other since 1998. It is therefore a story that dates. In any case, despite the passage of time, the public still seems to cling to the concept of the show. Is it thanks to the facilitator? Perhaps.

Anyway, the latter will move at the start of the next school year. As he brings with him the show and his famous red sofa, the program will change broadcast times once on France 3. “Vivement Dimanche” will be broadcast between 1:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. On the same slot, on la Deux, there will be Laurent Delahousse.

“It’s a real counter-programming. At home there will be laughter, humor and entertainment. Him, it’s a magazine, ”detailed Michel Drucker with the Parisian.

The program will not just change channels and slots. The TV man also spoke about the direction that the show will take. Thus, the latter would make “more room for humor” and that it would be “more anchored in the province”. It will certainly please the viewers.

“And, once a month, we will pay tribute to those who are in the hearts of the French, in particular with a special Bourvil presented by his children. When I was in the hospital, I saw so many great people disappear. I am one of the last to have known Gabin, Annie Cordy, from Funès. I don’t want them to be forgotten. I hope viewers will follow me,” he revealed.



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