“Mbappé a le PSG dans son cœur”

After several months of waiting, the dossier Kylian Mbappe ended last Saturday. Courted by the real Madrid many times, the number 7 of the PSG decided to extend his contract with the Rouge & Bleu until 2025. News that had the effect of a bomb and which will allow the capital club to embark on a new era. And for several days, reactions have been raining following this contract extension for the 23-year-old player. In comments reported by goal, Thierry Henry gave his feelings on this good news for the PSG.

“Obviously Kylian decided to stay. It’s huge for French football. I thought he was going to leave, I think everyone thought he was going to leave, including himself. There must have been something deep in some discussions. I saw some people calling him. Apparently, when the president called him to stay, it was crazy. Hope this shows where the PSG wants to go because normally one thing is certain: when you play for a big club, you don’t move away from a big club; the big club gets rid of you when you’re old. When you’re still in your prime, you don’t leave. He decided to stay. He has the club, obviously, in his heart. People will talk about what he’s going to get in terms of money and power, but I like to think that if you think about something that long, the money would have come anywhere anyway, wherever. he went, but he wanted to stay. »

“It was vital for PSG and French football that Mbappé stay”

For Thierry Henry, this extension of Kylian Mbappe to PSG was also important for French football. “If you want to be successful, you can’t let that guy go. If you let that guy go, you won’t have a guy like that around the corner, or in the suburbs of Paris, maybe! Saying that, we were all happy that he stayed (…) It was vital for the PSG and for Paris and for French football that Kylian remains. »



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