Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial: testimony from Kate Moss, cut finger … update on the latest revelations

Johnny Depp, star of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films, is suing his ex-wife Amber Heard, claiming that she had defamed him by declaring in a column published in December 2018 that she had been the victim of domestic violence, and claims 50 million dollars in damages. The 36-year-old actress fought back and demanded $100 million. This Wednesday, May 25, Kate Moss was called to the bar.

The trial that fascinates America is coming to an end. For six weeks, revelations have followed one another at the helm. The two ex-spouses who accuse each other of violence have torn under the eyes of the whole world. As CNEWS indicates, the debates should end this Friday, after the final statements of the two lawyers.

Then, as our colleagues write, “the jury will be asked to retire, deliberate and return a verdict on whether, on a balance of probabilities, Amber Heard defamed Johnny Depp in the article at the center. of the case.”

Kate Moss denies Amber Heard’s accusations

Before this very undecided verdict, British model Kate Moss testified on Wednesday, denying rumors that the actor pushed her down a flight of stairs while on vacation in Jamaica. “He never pushed me, kicked me, threw me down the stairs,” Kate Moss testified by videoconference from England.

Johnny Depp’s lawyers have called Kate Moss to testify after Amber Heard spoke about an incident in which she feared the actor pushed her sister down a flight of stairs. She said she remembered a rumor that Johnny Depp had pushed Kate Moss, in a relationship with him between 1994 and 1998, down a flight of stairs.

Another point of conflict discussed in recent days: the question of the cut finger of Johnny Depp. The actor assures that Amber Heard cut him off during an argument. She claims, however, that Johnny Depp would have injured himself by throwing a phone against a wall.

The surgeon proves Johnny Depp wrong

To decide the question, a surgeon was called to testify in recent days. According to his comments relayed by Here, the actor could not have the member severed because of a shard of glass from a bottle of vodka as he claims.

“There was no shard of glass on the affected finger, nor on the hand. Given the location of the hand at the time of the incident, his fingernail would have been damaged by the impact. is not the case here.” An analysis that totally contradicts the opinion of Johnny Depp’s doctor.

The outcome of the trial is therefore very uncertain. But as it is a civil matter, an amicable settlement could be found between the parties.



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