Jérémy Frérot and Laure Manaudou, end of crisis in Arcachon, Laury Thilleman already forgotten (photo)

Laure Manaudou seems to have forgiven Jérémy Frérot, supposed, according to Public, to have gotten too close to Laury Thilleman, the ex-Miss France.

The former pond killer took to her Instagram story to share a photo in which we discover her second son holding a man’s hand, perhaps Jérémy Frérot.

It does not specify the identity of the guide, but it would undoubtedly be the ex-candidate of The Voice.

Marital friction was revealed by the magazine Public, in its issue dated May 20.

“When Juan Arbelaez”, the ex-candidate of Top Chef, and husband of Laury Thilleman, “warned her two weeks ago of the love story that was being played out between Laury and her husband Jérémy”.

The ex-swimming champion would have been stunned. “Laury, her friend for so many years, the one with whom she shared so many good times, from the Défi d’Elles sports raid two years ago, to so many giggles and commitments to charities … Laury, therefore, would have succumbed to the charm of her husband and vice versa? Impossible ? And yet! “.
And in the process, she would have stopped following Laury Thilleman and Jérémy Frérot on Instagram.

According to the magazine “Ici Paris”, if Laury Thilleman ended her relationship with Juan Arbelaez, it would be because of the lack of children.
Her maternity plan was reportedly thwarted because of her overloaded schedule.



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