exit the top and panties, the former Miss France reveals her huge rounded belly!

It would seem that the many pregnancies announced give desires to Élodie Gossuin. Indeed, the ex-Miss France, yet already a mother of four children, could well announce very good news in the days to come. In any case, this is what we can think when we discover her last pictures suggesting that she would not be against giving life a fifth time.

Because yes, the one who has been on the radio for several years on RFM looks very nostalgic on his Instagram account. Her subscribers know that she is a mother hen and that she takes great care of her offspring. But on May 11, Élodie Gossuin posted a snapshot in which she was breastfeeding one of her twins. A cliché which dates, of course, from several years ago, but which did not fail to make its community react. A user also assumed: “In my opinion, Élodie, you are missing… one last, I can’t wait to see you pregnant again”. A nice comment to which the pretty blonde did not wish to respond.

Will the family welcome a fifth child?

The Internet user in question may have even more doubts when he discovers the new publication of the former Miss France. This posting indeed, this Wednesday, May 25, a new photo dating from several years ago in which she displays her baby bump, having dropped the top and wearing simple panties. Élodie Gossuin ironically on her huge belly by pretending that she would have “abused Kro” a little too much (Kronenbourg beer: editor’s note). At the time during which the photo was captured, the beauty had taken more than 20 kg as she specified in the caption of her post.

But by posting such a publication, her followers will ask themselves even more questions and convince themselves that the radio host is about to make a very nice announcement. It remains to be seen whether it is simply nostalgia on the part of the mother of four children, or if she is really about to give life once again.

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