Eve Angeli Changes Her Name, Talks About 'Miracle' Baby, Says, 'I Think I'm Smart'

Eve Angeli Changes Her Name, Talks About ‘Miracle’ Baby, Says, ‘I Think I’m Smart’

Eve Angeli, who is releasing a new album, is making a fresh start. The 41-year-old singer is determined to regain control of her career by shedding her “unflattering image”. Above all, she sees herself as a mother and tells how she is going to “welcome a child”…

Eve Angeli completely changed his life. The 41-year-old singer has settled in Provence, with her husband, whose name she remains silent, and is much more discreet than in the 2000s. But one piece is still missing from the puzzle of her happiness: the singer nourishes hope of become a mom in the near future. “Up to 35 years old, I did not feel any desire for motherhood since I myself was still an eternal big child. You have to be very settled in life and have a sense of responsibility to welcome a child“, she confided in the show 50’Insidebroadcast on May 21 on TF1. And to add: “But now what is the cruellestit is the time that has passed. And nature, for the moment, is not decided that it will go to the end“.

Eve Angeli thinks about adoption

Eve Angeli therefore considered adoption. “Finally, I tell myself that adoption would be one of the alternatives. There are deadlines for everything. (…) Adoption is really something that I have had in me since I was little. But I’m not alone: ​​my husband would currently prefer a child biologically to the two of us“, she confided last April to Purepeople.

And to add: “I’m still hoping to tell myself that it can happen overnight, like a miracle. I haven’t started the adoption process yet, but the better it goes, the more I tell myself that we shouldn’t delay any longer.“.

Eve Angeli changes her (stage) name

Since his passage in The Celebrity Farm in 2004, Eve Angeli is best known for its “evangelisms“, small replicas that earned her a lot of teasing. Now aged 41 yearsthe singer has had enough of being assimilated to this rather superficial character.

She therefore decided to change her stage name, as she had explained on the set of TPMP People, February 19: “Because it was still very much associated with a image not always flatteringI confess, to which I contributed I recognize it. I wanted to leave behind the superfluous, and keep the essential, Eve“. If she regrets having been “instrumentalized by the media” Sometimes, the artist now wants to wipe the slate clean and finally be able to talk about his music.

Eve Angeli: her “revolution of image”

With I spread, her new self-produced album, Eve Angeli intends to reconnect with her first love by performing a “image turnaround“.

There’s always behind the scenes, I have often been made to pass for dumber than I am in reality and we forget the essential of what I like to do. I was able to get lost at times because I forgot it too and today I am happy to come back and tell myself that I am doing what I love, I sing, I support animals. If today I can finally say smart things, and stop being frivolous, at 42.” did she throw in TPMP People.

Eve Angeli does not want to “reproduce her mistakes”

At the time, the star in a relationship with Michel Rostaing, appears in his own show The True Life of Eve Angeli in Hollywood and Las Vegas. Regularly on the front page of magazines, the one who sings Before leaving today keeps a bitter memory of his overexposed notoriety: “The media can dirty a little bit, I suffered from it in my past with some relationships that ended because it was in the tabloids. I’m not one to regret, but I’m the type not to repeat my mistakes, precisely because I think I’m smart“.

Married to her new companion since 2019, Eve Angeli is very attached to the anonymity of her husband for her personal development. “People change, I was 20, 25 maximum, today I’m 40, I want to be happy. To live happy, live hidden, at least privacy”, she concluded.



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