Booba responds to agent Magali Berdah and files a complaint in turn

Accused of cyberbullying by Magali Berdah, Booba decided to file a complaint for defamation and slanderous denunciation.

The rapper strikes back. Accused of cyberstalking by influencer agent Magali Berdah in The ParisianBooba announces this Thursday that he intends to file a complaint for defamation and slanderous denunciation.

“Ms. Berdah reproduces a mechanism of which she is customary: publishing victim videos then claiming to be the prey of cyberbullying, an extremely serious fact of which Booba can neither be the accountant nor the culprit”, can we read in a press release .

Attacks on Twitter

For his part, the agent ensures that the rapper is the instigator of a real campaign of harassment against him. “I am overwhelmed by events, disappointed and in extreme distress. I have no other recourse than justice”, she explained to the Parisian. She claims to be the target of death threats since the rapper posted on social networks a previous complaint she had filed.

Before the announcement of the complaint, Booba had already responded to Magali Berdah on his Twitter account, which he has used extensively since his banishment from Instagram. He notably called his accuser a “diabolical manipulative actress” and accused her of “scamming honest people”.



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