Audiences: “Rousseau’s fault” leader of the audiences, “Grey’s anatomy” and “Top Chef” neck and neck, TMC ahead of F3

Wednesday evening, France 2 is at the top of the hearings with the French series “The fault with Rousseau”, with Charlie Dupont and Anny Duperey. The philosophy teacher gathered 2.62 million students in front of the two new episodes, which represents an audience share of 12.9% of the entire public. Fiction garners an audience share of 7.2% of female purchasing managers under fifty (FRDA-50).
The launch of Season 2 topped the ratings last week, with 2.71 million people responding to the call (14.0% 4+ / 6.5% FRDA-50).

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TF1 is on the second step of the podium with “Grey’s anatomy”, the American series with Ellen Pompeo. The two new episodes of season 18 kept 2.19 million patients in suspense, representing an audience share of 10.8% over four years and over. The channel is the leader on its priority target with a market share of 24.7% on the FRDA-50.
Last Wednesday, “Grey’s anatomy” was able to count on 2.03 million followers (10.5% 4+ / 25.1% FRDA-50).

TMC in front of F3 with “What the hell did we do?”

M6 is just behind with “Top chef”, the culinary competition presented by Stéphane Rotenberg. The last four candidates tried to impress the most prestigious chefs in front of 2.12 million viewers, in watch audiences according to Médiamétrie. The market share is 12.4% for the general public and 21.9% for the female commercial target.
Last week, the program had salivated 2.18 million gourmands, representing an audience share of 13.0% among individuals aged four and over (4+). The program had recorded an audience share of 24.6% on the FRDA-50.

TMC climbed to fourth place with the comedy “What did we do to the good god?”, directed by Philippe de Chauveron. The film with Christian Clavier made 1.75 million French people laugh, representing an audience share of 9.3%. The DTT channel performed well on the commercial target with 10.8% of women responsible for purchases under the age of fifty who watched the feature film.

France 3 follows with the magazine “Roots and Wings”, presented by Carole Gaessler. The treasures of the Mediterranean amazed 1.66 million curious people, or 8.8% of viewers who were passionate about the Calanques National Park. Over a week, the magazine lost 300,000 viewers.

As for the other channels, W9 offered the final of the Europe Conference League between AS Roma and Feyenoord Rotterdam. The match, commented on by Xavier Domergue and Jean-Marc Ferreri, was followed by 898,000 football fans. The victory of the players of José Mourinho collects an audience share of 4.7%.



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