Alizée announces the disappearance of her little princess, she is dead!

As a reminder, last February, Alizée and her husband, the dancer Grégoire Lyonnet, offered themselves a holiday in the sun in Monaco. The singer’s Instagram subscribers didn’t miss a beat, as the “Me, Lolita” singer posted pictures of this dream vacation. Along with the landscape shots, fans even got to see some gorgeous shots of the star’s 2-year-old daughter, Maggy. However, a little later, Alizée announces very sad news.

Alizée and Grégoire, a love that lasts

Before Maggy, Alizée gave birth to a daughter named Annily in 2005. The latter, she had it during her union with Jérémy Chatelain. It was only a few years later that the singer met her darling, Grégoire Lyonnet. For those who have forgotten, the couple was formed in 2013, thanks to the program “Dancing with the stars” broadcast on TF1.

Since then, the lovers spin the perfect love and nothing indicates that they intend to separate. What’s magical about their story is that everything seemed like a no-brainer. Moreover, their chemistry and their complicity did not escape the sharp eyes of viewers. This is what undoubtedly allowed the couple to win the dance competition.

After which, the two personalities traveled all over France together. In short, only events that allowed them to get closer. They got along so well that 3 years later, they took the plunge into marriage. The union was celebrated in Ajaccio, the city in which the bride was born.

The birth of little Maggy

It is in the same French city that the newlyweds founded their dance studio. In 2019, the little family is growing with the birth of Maggy. His parents were obviously over the moon. This moment, Alizée did not fail to share it with her fans who follow her on Instagram.

“The dream continues… And I never wake up. “, she wrote on this special occasion.

Alas, life is made up of ups and downs. And like everyone else, stars also have their share of drama. Very active on social networks, this time again, she confided in her online community.

“Goodbye Easy”

The tragedy occurred a few months ago. This is the death of his cat. The little ball of fur was called Easy. Those who know Alizée a little know her affection for pets. She has several at home.

In any case, as of March 15, one of them was missing. Saddened by the death of her cat, the mother of the family shares a series of photos of the animal. Here’s what she captioned the post:

“Goodbye Easy. 12 years by your side was not long enough… #jetaime”

Reading the comments, we see the singer’s subscribers console her. Words that will certainly go straight into the heart of the one who will soon be celebrating her 38th birthday.

It is not the first time

We do not get used to the loss of a loved one. It is not Alizée who will say the opposite. Indeed, last year she lost another pet. It was a little dog named Galak. From the breed of Chihuahuas, she left after living 10 years of existence. If for a female dog of this breed, it is already an achievement, it is clearly not enough for Alizée.

“I was so dreading this day you were going to leave us…Thank you for being in our lives for over 10 years…” she posted at the time.

Two months later, melancholy won over her and pushed her to write these touching words on Instagram:

“I miss you so much my Galak”

Fortunately, Alizée can count on the support of those around her when she faces difficulties of this kind. She has her two daughters and her boyfriend. Besides, she also has an online community that is always there to support her with every issue.



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