Addictions, immaturity, egocentrism... The conclusions of Cédric Jubillar's psychological expertise

Addictions, immaturity, egocentrism… The conclusions of Cédric Jubillar’s psychological expertise

Who is Cédric Jubillar really? The question is undoubtedly one of the keys to the resolution of the Delphine Jubillar case, who has disappeared since December 2020 without a trace. Thursday, May 26, 2022, franceinfo was able to have access to the psychiatric expertise carried out on the 34-year-old craftsman, which had been revealed The Parisian on April 26.

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The man, placed in pre-trial detention since June 2021, is accused of having killed his wife in their house in Cagnac-les-Mines, in the Tarn. Since then, the nurse’s body has not been found, and Cédric Jubillar claims his innocence.

This psychological expertise was added to the investigation file last month. The psychiatrist appointed by the judges met Cédric Jubillar twice, in July 2021 and then last October. The first meeting took place less than two weeks after his placement in pre-trial detention, on June 18, 2021. The accused claims that he did not “nothing done” and make sure he goes “quickly get out”. The psychiatrist notes a certain anger. Cédric Jubillar accuses prison guards of “to want to push him to suicide”.

He also confided to the psychiatrist that he was a heavy cannabis user: “from 10 to 25 joints per day”. But ensures not to feel lack since his incarceration. Cedric Jubillar also admits that he regularly drank alcohol. “An Evening Ricard”, according to his terms. Then Cedric Jubillar imagines his release from prison and launches a disturbing sentence to the psychiatrist: “If I am the murderer, it is better that I leave the Tarn”.

Four months later, during the second interview, Cédric Jubillar complains of being “still in solitary confinement”. Then, the psychiatrist noted another troubling statement: “I am not a rapist, a snitch, a homosexual… I am a criminal like the others”. However, he repeats that he is “innocent”. “I am considered the perfect culprit”he laments.

Throughout this interview, the expert notes that he never pronounces the first name of his wife, whom he calls “madam” and not Delphine. Cedric Jubillar also concedes that the arguments were very frequent within the couple, generally, according to him, for questions of money: “I scream too much, I yell… I’m not patient”. He also tells thatfrom September, she insulted me: asshole, shit, cassos, drug addict… Face at that, I laughed”. Then Cedric Jubillar recognize “having already grabbed her by the shoulders in September”, three months before the disappearance of his wife. He advances a hypothesis, he estimates that she could be in Spain. He explains that he is “still sad about the disappearance of Madame”.

In his conclusions, the psychiatrist expert recalls that Cédric Jubillar had a difficult childhood, with a very violent stepfather, foster care placements, where he says he has become a real delinquent. He also highlights his addiction to cannabis, his immature, egocentric, sometimes arrogant and very sure of himself side.

In the event that Cédric Jubillar is the author of the murder, the psychiatrist tries to explain his acting out. Divorce could be “an encounter with a perhaps unbearable reality” and Cédric Jubillar could have acted in a moment of anger, refusing this feeling of failure linked to the end of this family life to which he was very attached.

A large audience awaits Cédric Jubillar on June 9 in front of the Liberties and Detention Judge (JLD), one year after his detention on remand. Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers will ask for his release.

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The liberties judge will therefore examine the charges against him, the progress of the investigation, the risk of disturbing public order and say whether he considers that the detention should continue. So far, his requests for release have all been denied. The gendarmes are continuing their investigations, in search of the body of the nurse, who disappeared almost a year and a half ago.



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