Actor Ray Liotta walks away from life at 67

DISAPPEARANCE – The American actor, inseparable from the film Freedmen of Martin Scorsese, died May 26.

The features of his face will forever be linked to those of Henry Hill, the man who dreamed of being a gangster living at full speed and who ended his “career” as the snitch of a gang, under the protection of the FBI, in an anonymous pavilion. from some American suburb. Ray Liotta exploded on screen in this first anthology role, under the direction of Martin Scorsese in 1990. It was Freedmen and the actor entered the legend of Hollywood cinema. Ray Liotta died on May 26, 2022, several American media announced. The star would have died in his sleep, according to the TMZ site, citing a source close to Ray Liotta.

Originally from New Jersey, where he was born 67 years ago, on December 18, 1954, he first rose to fame on screen in 1986 with Dangerous in all respects, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor. But it was not until the turn of the 1990s that he imposed himself on the screen by chaining the roles of thugs, more or less honest cops or suspects in the face of employment. Outraged Freedmen, we find it in Fatal obsession (1992), Suspicious memoirs (1996), Copland (1997) or phoenix (1998), films in which his square jaw, his erased lip and his worrying gaze often work wonders.

In 2001, Ridley Scott enlists him once again in the police force to Hannibal, the not-exactly-perfect sequel to Silence of the lambs. Ray Liotta will not stop turning then: more than sixty films to his credit between 2000 and today, even if he never finds a role to the extent of that which Scorsese had given him. He is thus on the poster of films signed Nick Cassavetes (John Q, Yellow), Guy Ritchie (Revolver), Steven Soderbergh (No Sudden Move). Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez offer him a small role in the sequel to Sin City – I Killed For Her. And, even in recent months, he was touring with Elizabeth Bank in Cocaine Bear, which is not scheduled for release before 2023.




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