Will Vanessa kill Victoire?  The summary of episode 1194 of Thursday, May 26 (spoilers)

Will Vanessa kill Victoire? The summary of episode 1194 of Thursday, May 26 (spoilers)

In tomorrow belongs to us, Vanessa wants to make one last victim: Victory. Mercier’s copycat therefore kidnaps Georges’ ex to kill her. For his part, Victor finds his house.

Thursday, May 26 in tomorrow belongs to us with Jennifer Lauret who made confessions about her past echoing the TF1 seriesGeorges was stabbed by Vanessa. The cop is in the hospital to be treated by Victoire. “The wound is shallow and the sutures are clean“, announces the doctor to his patient. “So nothing serious?“, asks his ex, interrupted by his mother Mona (Catherine Benguigui reveals the name of the famous singer she would like to see play Georges’ father). “If it’s serious. You could have died”, comments the high school student. “It’s okay, it was an accident. Vanessa didn’t try to stab me,” indicates Georges who asks Victoire if Vanessa has been found by the police. “I feel guilty. It twisted before my eyes and I saw nothing”. Despite his eight stitches, Georges decides to leave the hospital to go looking for him. Victoire asks him to be careful. For their part, Karim and Roxane think that Vanessa is still in Sète. They’re right !

Vanessa goes after Victoire

As Georges leaves Victoire in the street, Vanessa observes the pretty blonde in secret. The doctor can’t help worrying about her ex, which Samuel doesn’t understand. While Victoire is taking her bubble bath, Vanessa arrives with a knife. While getting dressed, Victoire managed to call Samuel. She then tries to escape, Vanessa smashes a flowerpot on her head. Samuel and the police arrive too late at Victoire’s: the two women have already left.

Camille goes to war against her mother

Camille informs her mother that Dorian’s parents have invited her to Marseille this weekend. The lawyer refuses to let her go. She wants to protect her from him. Stanislas intervenes but Camille rebuffs him and leaves to revise his baccalaureate. At the Spoon, Camille tells Dorian that she will come anyway. But her mother beat her to it: she called Étienne to tell him that Camille has to revise. Stanislas arrives during his revisions with Dorian. He asks his daughter-in-law if her mother knows, she says no. He hastens to inform her by telephone. Raphaëlle therefore comes home earlier. Dorian makes the pretext that he has to leave, Raphaëlle reveals to her daughter that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Camille is in shock.

victor dumbfounded

Victor discovers the revenge of the Morenos: his villa was ransacked during a memorable party. Charlie (Clémence Lassalas), Christelle and Sylvain attend his discovery amused. Victor laughs even less when he sees Nathan (Adher) sleeping on the couch. The Moreno therefore leave the house without having cleaned, to the great displeasure of the ex-businessman. Christelle and Sylvain settle in the hotel. Charlie is also entitled to a room that François hastens to test! The teacher is embarrassed to use room service at the Moreno’s expense. Later, Timothée discovers his new house cleaned but he does not understand how his father was able to find his house. The boy is not happy because he thinks Victor did something dishonest. It is then Sophie’s turn to discover the house. He offers her to be his partner in crime.

At the end of the episode, Victoire is locked in Vanessa’s hideout. She presents her with a rose and threatens her: “That’s the one I’ll put down your throat when you’re dead“.



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