We saw the movie “Top Gun Maverick” with a fighter pilot: “I validate 100%!”

“Top Gun Maverick”, a sequel to the famous 1986 film, hit theaters on Wednesday. franceinfo went to see it in preview with a fighter pilot. Credibility, sensations… Verdict: very realistic.

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Pop corn ; check. Comfort armchair: check. In front of the screen, 36 years after the release of the first Top Gun, there is May 24 for this preview of Top Gun Maverick Lieutenant-Colonel Bethoux – pilot name “Easy”, war missions in Afghanistan or in Libya and Patrouille de France – and the young Romain, who is 12 years old saw the first opus. This is also the film that had created his dream. “It’s more realistic than the first number”immediately slips the Air Force fighter pilot, whose pilot name is Easy.

“In the first, they were filming it in studios. There, you can clearly see the load factor that marks their faces. The voice is also different and you can feel the breath. That’s what we experience on the plane , it’s so much more realistic!”

Lieutenant-Colonel Romain Bethoux, French Air Force fighter pilot

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“The images are monstrous”, slips Romain. He has both fan remarks, spotting the nods to the first part, from which he can recite entire bits of dialogue, and pilot remarks since he guesses several times how a plane will behave or how Maverick – Tom Cruise – and the others interact. “It’s very plausible because that’s what we do: we train at low altitude. You do what we call pop-ups, nose-ups, which is to say that you stay at low altitude so as not to be seen by the radars and, when you approach the target, you do a pitch-up to see it and then hook up to the radar to deliver your armament. Mirage 2000 or Rafale. These are maneuvers for which we train regularly.”

When the end credits roll, Romain is still at full blast and struggling to land. “I agree 100%! It’s really great. There’s the hunting spirit, the ‘spirit’. What’s really nice is that there’s a whole complex part of the environment because it’s It’s a mission with ground-to-air systems, where you have to be under the radar, etc. So there are more elements than in the first part where it was really air combat, chivalrous, one on one. There, you enter an environment where there is jamming, decoys, etc. There is also the timing: when he says that within 15 seconds, the guy is not going to do it, in an airplane, 15 seconds it’s huge.”

Top Gun Maverick: we saw the film with a fighter pilot, who gives us his impressions – the report by Franck Cognard




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