Image promotionnelle pour l'ouverture du Avengers Campus montrant tous les super héros dans le nouveau campus de Paris

we finally know the inauguration date of Avengers Campus

There’s not long to wait before you can discover Tony Stark’s new campus featuring Marvel superheroes.

Announced in February 2018, the park Walt Disney Studios to Disneyland Paris has since been preparing a colossal extension project with a bewildering budget of 2 billion euros. A complete overhaul of the park will then bring three new themed areas centered around Snow Queen, Marvel and Star Wars.

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The new land Marvel will be the first on this list to open its doors, and after a long wait, the official opening date has finally been revealed by Disneyland Paris. Marvel heroes will come to take possession of their new Avengers Campus from next July 20. The second Avengers Campus in the world, this dedicated area shares a common history with the MCU and its annexed versions of Disneyland Resort in California and Hong Kong Disneyland (which is still under construction).

Get ready to answer Tony Stark’s call to come and help the Avengers in incredible new adventures just a stone’s throw from Paris.

Brand new attractions

Fans of Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain Marvel will be delighted since these heroes will be honored in the two new experiences offered by the French version of the Avengers Campus.

The rethematization of the old Rock’n Roller Coaster will offer a cosmic adventure alongside Iron Man and Captain Marvel that promises a real journey at full speed. Avengers Assemble: Flight Force will offer the same sensational experience as its predecessor, but its sets have been revamped and will offer an experience worthy of the current talents of Disney engineers.

At the entrance to the new campus, you will find the Worldwide Engineering Bridage building also known as WEB (for spider’s web) where you can join Peter Parker in an attraction called Spider-Man WEB Adventure. As in the Californian park, French visitors will be able to shoot webs like spider-man to defeat infamous little robots threatening the integrity of our campus.

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A campus full of life

Of course, this high meeting place for our favorite heroes will also be the perfect place to spend unforgettable moments in their company. Walking around the Avengers Campus will be an opportunity to walk alongside the Dora Milaje of Wakanda or go wiggle with Star-Lord and Gamora.

An exclusive HQ will also allow you to meet your favorite heroes and discuss strategies with them to protect our planet and all of humanity.

Heroic Trades

Unsurprisingly, this new land will also offer its share of places to find the perfect memories or regain strength before returning to the adventure. After all, superheroes also need to be satisfied!

It will then be possible to discover a whole multitude of heroic meals according to your tastes and your desires. The Stark Factory will offer you a fast food service based on pizza and pasta for a good boost in order to get back on the field as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the Pym Kitchen from Pym Industries will offer you good small (and large) dishes of impressive proportions thanks to the particle technology used by Ant-Man and the Wasp.

You can also equip yourself for your battles with Spider-Man with exclusive web shooters that will give you new skills within the Spider-Man WEB Adventures attractionor adopt one of the Spider-Bots you’ve just faced.

All this is shaping up to be the best experience in Europe for Marvel fans. See you next July 20 to discover all these impressive novelties that promise to transport us to the very heart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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