Son bébé a cessé de respirer après 2 heures sur un siège auto - cette femme souhaite sensibiliser les parents pour ne pas faire la même erreur

this woman wants to educate parents so they don’t make the same mistake

Here is a situation that haunts the nights of many parents: that the baby does not stop breathing. We may pay attention to infants all the time, but some situations are beyond our control. This mother of a family had the fear of her life. Her baby stopped breathing while he was in a car seat and she was driving. Today, she wants to warn other parents so that this kind of drama does not happen again. The Objeko team tells you everything in this article.

The baby stops breathing during a car ride

The whole point of an infant seat is to keep them safe and they are constantly checked and rechecked to ensure they meet the necessary safety guidelines.

And since you think they’re designed to be safe for your child, you probably wouldn’t hesitate to use them until now. However, recently this Scottish mother is warning others of this danger.

She wants all parents to know that keeping your baby too long in the car seat can have serious health consequences. Kristi Clark and her husband Christopher had strapped their newborn baby into the car seat for a ride that ended up lasting two hours. And at that time, Kristi managed to check the condition of the baby. She had foam in her mouth because she had suffered from oxygen deprivation.

Kristi could tell something was wrong with her newborn baby after she and Christopher got stuck in traffic on the way home. She couldn’t get out of the car to check on the baby, so she had to wait. But when they got home, mom pulled baby Harper out of the car seat and witnessed the horror scene.

Kristi’s baby saved

“When we got home, Malena was well past bedtime, so we brought Harper into her car seat and she stayed there for 15 minutes while we put Malena to bed,” said Kristi at the Daily Record. “My husband got Harper out and put her on his lap, but she couldn’t get comfortable so he laid her down on her mat and she started kicking. I told him his lips were blue, then he pointed out how red his cheeks were.

Kristi didn’t know it, but because Harper had been stuck in the car seat for so long, she had been deprived of oxygen.

Then a scene for a horror movie played out. Harper clenched her jaw then started to foam in her mouth.

“It was so scary. My husband was holding her and patting her back, and I was trying to open her mouth to make sure she wasn’t swallowing her tongue, but her jaw was closed.

Kristi was horrified. Her world changed in an instant as she knew she could lose her newborn baby.

“It wasn’t like a normal seizure, she was arching her back and throwing her head back. »

And then they were forced to put the suffering newborn back in his car seat and rush him to the hospital. And they made the newborn baby breathe again. She was going to make a full recovery.

The car seat in question

The hospital staff quickly understood the problem: “When the consultant told us it was the car seat, I couldn’t believe it…I couldn’t understand why nobody had ever told us. »

“We had obviously heard about not keeping babies in car seats overnight. It causes a curvature in the spine, but not anything like that,” she explained. “When my little girl was a baby, we drove four hours to visit family in Cornwall and we Never had any problems at all. Doctors told us at the hospital that this is usually a problem with premature babies, but Harper is a big girl. She weighed 3.7 kg when she was born, and she weighs 4 kg now. »

“We just want to raise awareness and make sure something like this doesn’t happen to any other baby. It was the worst night of our lives and will live with us forever. Her words of wisdom for other parents: “If they don’t absolutely need to be in the car seat, get them out.” Because it’s not worth what we had to go through. Watch your baby and know your baby. If something doesn’t seem right to me to take them straight to the hospital.



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