«Je me serais tiré une balle dans le pied en le disant aux autres»: ce secret personnel que Fouzi a protégé dans «Koh-Lanta»

this personal secret that Fouzi protected in “Koh-Lanta”

INTERVIEW – The 28-year-old financial director paid the price for an exceptional playoff lost to Olga and Jean-Charles during the 33rd day of the adventure.

Among the 24 candidates selected for this edition of “Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem” shot last fall in the Philippines, Fouzi has the particularity of being one of the adventurers rescued from season 19. In May 2018, in the Fiji Islands, the filming had been prematurely halted due to a sexual assault complaint involving two candidates. Before him, Sam Haliti (“Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes” and “Koh-Lanta, the legend”), Pholien Systermans (“Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes”) then Aurélien Tesson and Hervé Comte ( “Koh-Lanta, the secret weapons”) had benefited from this second chance.

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LE FIGARO. – In what state of mind were you before approaching this eliminatory test against Olga and Jean-Charles?
Fouzi. – I was really determined, it was an opportunity for me to show what I was capable of. I didn’t want to disappoint my loved ones and leave at this point in the game. I was confident in my chances, I knew I was capable of succeeding against Olga in case we were in the aquatic area and against Jean- Charles if we had been in the physical register. I was very focused and the disappointment was great at the end.

Were you surprised that Bastien nominated you to take part in this elimination round?
Not necessarily and I didn’t hold it against him. There was only Nicolas left among his former Yellow team and he was not going to choose him. It really motivated me to be tested in the moment. Afterwards, discovering in the episodes everything that could have happened in the game, I would have preferred him to send Nicolas to the pipe-breaker (the latter was carrying out a double strategy with the ex-Yellows and the ex-Reds, editor’s note ).

What would you have done in place of Ambre and Bastien (winner and second in the comfort test, they had to choose two candidates to face Olga, last)?
I would have worked on merit, namely that in addition to Olga who had finished in last place, I would have chosen the two least efficient in the event. This would have a mode of driving in accordance with what was happening since the beginning of the adventure. What is frustrating is that on this comfort, I finish in fourth place.

Amber, meanwhile, chose Jean-Charles, a member of her former Reds team…
I was very surprised, I thought she would send Nicolas. Her choice confirmed our assumptions that she favored her ex-Green partners from the south of France, like her, namely François and Nicolas. With Jean-Charles, we knew that whatever the outcome of the eliminatory round, it would be complicated for us at the next board meeting. On this one, Amber revealed her cards.

Between leaving the adventure on a test or during a council, which outcome did you prefer?
My torch remains intact, I have not betrayed anyone and I have remained honest throughout my journey. This event left a lot of room for chance and it was really not my thing. I got annoyed several times. Ideally, we prefer never to have to leave the game, but leaving this way is more beautiful than on a tip. I succeeded in gaining unanimity in the hearts of the adventurers, they didn’t have to vote against me for me to leave, it was only by my own doing.

“I was hoping that the production would give me a chance to come back”

Fouzi from “Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem”

What memories do you have of your brief experience on the set of “Koh-Lanta” in 2019 in Fiji?
It was very difficult to have to stop everything after six days. I quickly wiped the slate clean and moved on. I was very happy that the production called me back because, like the other participants, it had been difficult to tell ourselves that we wouldn’t have another chance to participate. It’s just huge to learn that, finally, it would be possible. I thank them again.

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Seeing Sam, Phoelien, Hervé and Aurélien participate in another edition of “Koh-Lanta”, did you fear that your turn would not come?
I was especially happy for them, it was a source of hope for me and I hoped that the production would also give me a chance to come back. I waited, it finally paid off and I’m really super happy.

Did you choose to keep this information secret from the 23 other adventurers of “Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem”?
Yes, I would have shot myself in the foot saying that. No one knew about it in the Philippines and the information only came out when the season was announced on TF1. Everyone has been understanding with me that I prefer to keep this information secret.

“I promised my mother to make her proud one day and I think she must be from up there”

Fouzi from “Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem”

What motivated your registration to “Koh-Lanta”?

It’s a program of adventure and self-transcendence that we’ve enjoyed watching as a family for years and that brings us together. These are memories of those moments that I shared with my mother every Friday evening during the summer. I remember my holidays in Algeria where I had fun reproducing the events with the dream of one day participating in “Koh-Lanta”. It had become a family dream and it took on an extra dimension after my mother passed away. I had promised to make her proud one day and I think she must be from up there.

What main satisfactions do you keep from this adventure?
It’s human because I’ve met wonderful people who will remain friends for life. I learned a lot about myself, I discovered a form of serenity, fullness and calm in difficult times. I wasn’t necessarily like that before. By reading the messages and listening to the people who follow the show, I am happy to have managed to create a good image of the mix, of the double culture and it was something that I wanted to show on the screen. You can have a double culture, foreign origins and be a respectful, benevolent, simple person with great values. It’s a real pride for me.

For which “great festival of humor”as it says in your portrait, do you work?
For Montreux Comedy, we have quite a few festivals around the world. I got a little teased by comedians, especially Artus. I had a lot of positive feedback from them and from my company, which is happy with the good image I was able to project in this “Koh-Lanta”. I am very fulfilled in my work.

Was it a challenge to come out in your portrait that you are the “Kylian Mbappé of finance”?
(Laughs.) I like punchlines and it came out naturally during filming. I am often told that I am young and that I have great responsibilities. I remember that Kylian Mbappé said that there was no age to have great responsibilities and I found it funny to make this analogy. I like him a lot as a football player, I understand he watches “Koh-Lanta” and it was a nice wink for him.

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