Romy Schneider

the incredible pension she gave to her ex-husband for the care of her son

Romy Schneider: here is how much she gave to her ex-husband for the custody of her son David Christopher Meyen! All the details in this article…

To have sole custody, Romy Schneider did not hesitate to pay her ex-husband an incredible sum. A look back at this story revealed in the documentary Romy Femme Libre, broadcast on May 20 on France 3.

Romy Schneider: A fulfilled mother, but a flouted woman

In the documentary broadcast on France 3, it is obviously about the career of this great actress. But this career is influenced by his private life.

It was therefore important to come back to this, speaking of actor and director Harry Meyen. Fans of the actress know this man well. First happy with Romy Schneider, he married her in 1966. They quickly welcomed a child, David, in December of the same year.

To fulfill her new role as a mother, probably the most important of her life, Romy Schneider is moving away from film sets. For a year and a half, she moves away from this environment.

But her passion is important to her. When her son was less than two years old, she resumed her other roles, those which enabled her to forge an exemplary career. The success is there. From a professional point of view, the actress is simply living a daydream.

The astronomical sum that Romy Schneider offers to her ex-husband

To pursue her brilliant career, Romy Schneider spends more and more time in France. Her husband is still in Berlin. He put on several operas, but the success was not there.

He then fell into various addictions. Worse, he takes a dim view of his wife’s success. Instead of being admiring, he envies her. And this jealousy gnaws at him, to the point that he does not hesitate to belittle the actress in public, as if to show her that she is inferior to him despite her success. Stoic, the actress does not react to his attacks.

After several months away from her husband, to multiply filming and not have to return home, the actress decided to leave Harry Meyen in 1972.

To finalize the divorce and obtain custody of her son, she does not hesitate to take out the checkbook. It is 6 million francs that she decides to give him to be rid of him and to have custody of her son. This corresponds to 4 million euros. It’s a historical anecdote, especially in the 1970s when it was generally the men who paid. She reverses the roles for her peace of mind.

The death of her son, or how the actress broke down

A tragic accident took away her son. On his way home from a Sunday bike ride, David climbed through his grandparents’ gate. It’s probably not the first time. But he slipped and punctured his femoral artery. It was July 5, 1981. They took him to the emergency room, but he died. He was only 14 years old.

In his book The last life of Romy Schneider, Bernard Pascuito says “she is nothing”, simply “stunned by drugs” while she lives “two days of torture”.

While she is going through the worst ordeal of her life, photographers disguise themselves as nurses to take pictures of her dead son in the morgue. » That journalists disguise themselves as nurses to photograph a dead child […] Where is the morality? Where is the tact? “, she declared with emotion on the Champs-Elysées, in 1982.

Once again in front of host Michel Drucker, Géraldine Danon (Alain Delon’s goddaughter) agrees to talk about this story: “I believe that Romy’s greatest drama, we experienced it on this set, because at Champs-Elysées, she had come to speak to this bastard of a photographer, who had dared to photograph her son in the morgue, covered with a shroud. I think she wanted to kill the photographer”.

Romy Schneider

At the time, the newspapers showed all the humanity that the photographers lacked since they all refused to buy and publish these horrible photos. “Her voice was from beyond the grave, she was talking about killing this photographer who had dared to take pictures of her son in the morgue. She banged her head on the marble in abysmal desperation.



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