Olivier Gayat (large families) unfaithful to Soukdavone? He confesses and confides in their separation

On the strength of their success since they have been on the air on TF1 with Large families, life in XXL, Olivier and Soukdavone Gayat were naturally guests of Jordan De Luxe on his show At Jordan’sfor Entertainment TV. The parents of nine children (Mathieu, Olivia, Téo, Chloé, Elsa, Alicia, Rudy, Nolane and Jade) had the opportunity to talk about their new career on social networks, the amazing origin of their couple but also a much less sympathetic subject: the crisis they experienced a few months ago, at the time of last New Year.

There have been ups and downs. And a fight a little more serious than another“, confessed Olivier Gayat. The fault of the latter! Indeed, the father of the family explained to be “fell in the trap on social networks“and having exceeded the limits.”I talked to a girl…he continued. I’m a very impressionable person.“. But, Soukdavone will have had no difficulty in detecting her husband’s little game. “On the networks, everything is known“, she recalled. And for Olivier to add: “People took us in the street, people swung“.

As a result, Soukdavone kicked him out. And the front page candidate has found refuge with his children. “I found myself isolated in my truck, my son Matthieu took me in despite his resentment. I slept at my daughter Olivia’s too. And there, I thought of lots and lots of things, I said to myself ‘it’s good Olivier, stop, you’ve gone too far‘” he explained, revealing that this was the moment “the hardest” of his life. “I even had depression“, he let go. Fortunately, his wife ended up forgiving him. She nevertheless confides that something broke between them: “Everyone makes mistakes but it’s true confidence is no longer there, not like before. It’s up to him to prove.

Thus, contrary to what may have been said, there is no divorce in sight for the Gayats. “There were rumors that we were getting divorced. A lot of things have been said, yes I did something stupid but there was no divorce“, underlined Olivier, very happy to be able to move forward with his half.



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