Mercato - Neymar fait une annonce claire à propos de son avenir

Neymar fait une annonce claire à propos de son avenir

Neymar, 30-year-old striker recruited by Paris Saint-Germain in 2017 from FC Barcelona, ​​is coming out of a very complicated season and already a rather irregular previous exercise. Another long injury and a lack of decisive gestures which leads the club to consider his departure. We were able to announce it recently, specifying that the sale (expected at 80 million euros) still looks complicated since the Brazilian wants to stay and he lacks suitors. Information confirmed by The Team and number 10 reacted to the microphone of Oh My Goal by assuring that he wants to stay in Paris.

It’s true on my side that I want to stay (laughs). Afterwards, no one told me anything. But on my side, it is very clear that I want to stay. »

Difficult for Neymar to be clearer in his announcement. Which still makes you think that the Brazilian should continue at PSG. Because there is no question of pushing him out absolutely and the suitors with an interesting offer clearly risk missing out. We must above all hope that the striker will finally be able to make a season without a long injury and that he will take the opportunity to find his best level. The end of the season has been encouraging, fingers crossed for next season.



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