Nathalie Marquay angry: this terrible letter she received and which was intended for Jean-Pierre Pernaut

The memory of Jean-Pierre Pernaut is everywhere around his wife Nathalie Marquay. The former Miss France whose mourning is still impossible would even manage to communicate with him thanks to signs reaching him from beyond. But the last thing that made her think of the journalist was not to delight her.

Indeed, Tuesday May 24, 2022, the mother of Tom (18 years old) and Lou (19 years old) received a distressing message in his mailbox. “The mail that drives me crazy“, she also wrote in story Instagram, adding two angry and one crying emojis. The letter in question was a reminder to use “cancer screening”. It was for the attention of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, apparently still on their mailing list.

This letter certainly reminded Nathalie Marquay of the trying battles of her late husband, who was affected by two cancers. First that of the prostate in 2018, from which he recovered after being operated on, then that of the lung in 2021. To get out of it, Jean-Pierre Pernaut had to resort to radiotherapy sessions this time, which seemed to have a beneficial effect on him. The pretty 55-year-old brunette even assured it several times: her husband did not die of cancer.

At the last examinations last January, there was no longer any trace“, she revealed during a recent interview for Gala. It was heart complications that occurred without her knowing why that got the better of the figure of TF1, who died at 71 years old. “The heart valve was damaged. (…) We had to operate on his heart to repair it, with the risk of having another stroke during the operation. It got worse, he started wandering, his arm hurt badly, he was breathing badly, his kidneys weren’t working. (…) When the hospital called me in the evening to tell me that they must have put him to sleep, I understood that it was over“, she had explained. For 10 years, she had also sensed that he would never celebrate his 72 years. With reason, unfortunately.



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