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Without being able to attend the Cannes Film Festival, film-lovers can get a glimpse of it this week, thanks to the release of several of the films scheduled there. This is particularly the case of Brother and sistera new variation by Arnaud Desplechin on a theme dear to him, the family, from Don Juan, by Serge Bozon, a musical about love and its torments, crimes of the future, where David Cronenberg returns to his body of sick science fiction, and Top Gun: Maverick with the always young and slender Tom Cruise.

“Brother and sister”: toxic family ties

Arnaud Desplechin’s latest feature film, in competition at Cannes, digs into the family vein that recurs in his dotted work. A vein which is that of the choral narrative, of the return home, of the mixing of filial ties, of rituals, of duties and of the resentment which lies beneath. The family also being the place of great passions, it is thus with an excessive feeling that the film traces the particular genealogy: the frank and unmixed hatred which opposed for years a brother and a sister, Louis (Melvil Poupaud) and Alice (Marion Cotillard). He is a writer, broken by the loss of a child, she, an actress, playing every night The dead, by James Joyce, on stage. Hatred has a history, generally muddled, because its causes are lost in the sequence of its adventures. The event that allows us to recall the different strata here is a road accident suffered by the parents of the protagonists. What is a kinship made of? What mystery, what violence?

Like Kings and Queen (2004), which told the story of a couple after their separation, Brother and sister is based on a duality of masculine and feminine principles, here like the two opposite poles of the same adventure. Opposing two figures of artists with turbulent egos, Brother and sister poses a question that closely concerns the artistic priesthood, that of the impossible division between private life and public life, and even more so between the work and the lived experience. Mathieu Macheret

French film by Arnaud Desplechin. With Marion Cotillard, Melvil Poupaud, Golshifteh Farahani, Benjamin Siksou, Patrick Timsit (1h48).

“Don Juan”: Serge Bozon questions, in songs, the defeat of a couple

Strangely, in the innumerable films chronicling the breakup of love, few of them are interested in the question of the gaze and its potentially devastating effect. Let’s take two lovers, in a restaurant, their eyes filled with stars. One of them surprises the other staring intensely at a third person. Suddenly, discomfort or doubt sets in.

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