Magali Berdah files a complaint against Booba for cyber-harassment, the rapper is unleashed on Twitter

Magali Berdah files a complaint against Booba for cyber-harassment, the rapper is unleashed on Twitter

This Tuesday, May 24, it is in the columns of the Journal Le Parisien that Magali Berdah returned to a different seriousness which opposes her to Booba. Indeed, the boss of the agency Shauna Events, explained to our colleagues to be the victim of harassment on social networks by the sulphurous rapper. “Overwhelmed by events, disappointed and in extreme distress” Magali Berdah said she had “filed a report with the public prosecutor of Marseille for ‘cyber-harassment and slanderous denunciation’, but also assigned his stalker to civil proceedings to have his account banned”.

According to the businesswoman: “Booba posted on his Instagram account a complaint that I filed in 2019 against another cyber-stalker. I don’t know how he got it back. He posted it on Instagram putting my marital status and my address easily readable, with free access for 5 million people. (…) Since then, I have had one hidden call every minute. All night, I haven’t slept. And it continues today”, she explained to the Parisian. On her social networks Magali Berdah also sent a message to Booba: “Booba stop! Stop with your tweets you are (sic) doing anything you are putting me and my family in danger! I do not know you ! Leave us alone ! This is very serious ! You hate (sic) hate and everything that goes with it! (…) I didn’t do anything to you and I publicly ask you to leave me alone! I’ve been harassed in packs for several days! H24! That’s enough !”

For his part, the Duke of Boulogne reacted strongly following the publication of the daily newspaper, in turn publishing numerous posts in order to respond to the various accusations made by Magali Berdah, via his Twitter account. “@MagaliBerdah, I’m not sending anyone I’m not inciting hatred on the contrary I denounce all your perverse and fraudulent environment and all your lies for the good of humanity. You put forward fake people without talent and you rip off honest people. You have to assume”. “@MagaliBerdah We wish no harm to anyone but sincerely believe that people like you pose a threat to young people and our children. We are fed up with crooks, fed up with the wind, fed up with the fake. Make way for talent and creativity. Only positive”, Can we read among other things on the networks of the rapper.

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