Julien Doré concert in Douai: fifty complaints for overbooking

Julien Doré concert in Douai: fifty complaints for overbooking

Friday evening, while Julien Doré assured the show in front of a conquered public, in Douai, another score was played behind the scenes at Gayant-expo. The production unfortunately overbooked the seats following a change of bleachers. About fifty people, or even more, would ask for complaint.

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While the majority of comments are rave about Julien Doré’s concert on Friday evening, the same is not true in terms of organization. Since Friday, Gayant-expo, hall manager, has suffered the wrath of disgruntled spectators.

An electric atmosphere

Just before Julien Doré distilled his good humor and his candy pink universe, in the stands of Gayant-expo, the atmosphere was electric. The sixteen hostesses tried to find an almost insoluble solution. In fact, Arachnée Productions, which produces the artist, has sold more seats than Gayant can accommodate today. An error linked to a pandemic context, two successive postponements of this concert and a change of bleachers. Since January 23, the agglomeration has invested in new, larger seats offering more comfort but also fewer seats than previously. However, the concert was to take place on January 22 with the old stand, but it was once again postponed… to May 20.

” A desaster ”

Lionel Courdavault, president of Gayant-expo, tried to appease the spirits the same evening. In vain. ” We apologize for the inconvenience caused, but we did our job. We had warned production about the new numbering of the bleacher. They should have stopped selling tickets. » Results: random placements, people sitting on the stairs or at the top… The organization was a disaster. It ruined part of the concert for me “, writes a user on the Facebook page of Gayant among a hundred other equally angry. ” Unacceptable! », « Really pitiful! »…

No information on compensation

Contacted, the production explains: “ We regret that the postponement of this concert has led to this placement constraint without being able to put in place, despite various studies, an identical replacement solution. We hoped to be able to collectively find a more satisfactory solution, in particular after analyzing previous shows also affected by this change in the configuration of the stands, in vain. Additional staff had been dedicated to the transmission of information, to the management in the stands and to the processing of all complaints.
We would like to point out that the artist was not aware of this
change of stand, these logistical and ticketing points being handled by the people delegated to these tasks. We are obviously sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused. Spectators who may be affected by this inconvenience can write to the following address: reclamation@agauchedelalune.com. It remains to be seen what compensation, not communicated, will be put in place.

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