Jawad Bendaoud, the host of Daesh invited by TPMP: the controversy swells, Hanouna deprograms it

The show finally decided to deprogram the arrival of Jawad Bendaoud. The victims’ associations denounce a useless buzz on the “back of the victims”. Cyril Hanouna justified his choice.

TPMP at the heart of the controversy, once again. C8’s flagship program sparked controversy by publicly announcing on its Twitter feed the arrival of Jawad Bendaoud, the lodger of Daesh terrorists. The latter had been “sentenced on appeal after the attacks” in Paris. He was released from prison and was invited to speak in front of viewers.

“Buzz on the backs of the victims”

A few hours after this announcement, the twittosphere went wild. Several victims of the November 13 attacks were particularly shocked by the editorial choice of the channel.

“There is only one interest, it is to make buzz on the back of the victims of November 13. I felt used by seeing that. If he comes to tell on a set another truth than the judicial truth, I have the impression that we are being spit in the face”, expressed Arthur Dénouveaux, president of the victims’ association “Life for Paris: November 13, 2015”, quoted by The Parisian.

Cyril Hanouna explains himself

TPMP presenter Cyril Hanouna explained the production decision the same evening. “We wanted the guest tonight to come back to everything that happened,” he explains.

And to add: “If we had invited him this evening, it was not to do a complacent interview with Jawad. (…) I wanted to receive him this evening to put him face to face with his responsibilities. And to show the young people watching us that we shouldn’t listen to everything and anything.” Cyril Hanouna therefore explains between the lines that the invitation was more for educational purposes aimed at young viewers.



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