“I still find it regrettable…” Charlene of Monaco, affected by the rumours, finally speaks

Detained in South Africa for months, victim of an ENT infection, Charlene of Monaco had to hang on and face up to these disappointments. But not only. Prince Albert’s wife, far from her family, naturally saw the craziest rumors about her relationship quickly flourish. While many times, some have fantasized about their separation, the South African was able to count on her prince to put an end to the rumors. But Charlene of Monaco recognizes in the columns of Nice morningthis Wednesday, May 25, 2022, admits to having suffered from it.

You mean divorce rumors or my new home in Switzerland… I still find it regrettable that some media peddle such rumors about my life, my coupleregrets Charlene of Monaco with our colleagues. Like everyone else, we are human beings and like all human beings we have emotions, weaknessesonly our family is exposed to the media and the slightest weakness is relayed.” A media life not always easy to manage, but the Monegasque princess was able to rely on her husband to cope with adversity.

Albert’s unfailing support

Albert supported me enormously“, she says on this subject. The former sportswoman thus explained that she had discussed at length with Albert of Monaco these “malicious articles“.”And he did everything to protect me and protect our children“, she assures. Fortunately, the couple from Monaco was also able to count on many supports among Monegasques. And the mother of twins Jacques and Gabriella did not fail to thank them. Far from Monaco, and his family , the warmth of positive messages received did him a lot of good.

I don’t wanna go too fast

Today, how is she? “I feel more serene“, reassures Charlene of Monaco. And her soothed face and radiant smile displayed during Monaco Fashion Week, alongside his daughter Gabriella, this Tuesday, May 24 are there to testify. Upon her return to the Principality, the wife of Albert of Monaco focused her energy on her children, her husband and her health, which had become her priority. After these long months of suffering, Charlene of Monaco prefers to remain on her guard and not to force. “My state of health is still too fragile and I don’t want to go too fastshe says about it. The road has been long, difficult and so painful.But the worst is now behind her.



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